<Deutschland> Recruitment

<Deutschland> is currently recruiting members. All we require are the following

  1. You must be active and participate in wars, our aim is to maintain 100% participation

  2. You must be able to able to earn minimum of 2500 skulls per war

  3. You must have alliance tower that donates minimum of 250k and also must remember to donate that gold daily to the alliance 4. You must be able to speak english

  4. You must have a facebook account so that you can join our facebook group

  5. You must be respectfull to all alliance members


As long, as you follow those rules and requirements - you would never be kicked or removed, cause we are family, who respects each other. If you can’t play for some time (roughly a week or two), simply notify me, and we would wait for your return but add temporary members in your slot until you come back. If you are interested please send me a message, also remember to leave your “in-game name” so I can find your king and add you.

rename your alliance, hahaha!

Is this http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/5201-top-10-alliance-deutschland-now-recruiting/the same alliance? If yes, please tell us. We should take open only 1 topic… :grinning: