Developer & CM prefixes for threads

Hi there,

We have finally added some cool colored tags that help express when our testers answered in the bug section or I answered.?

Currently, we have:

In all Olympus Rising forums:

  • blue = feedback wanted -> That means in this thread we really need your input (in general we always love your input, but for those threads, it is especially super duper fluffy welcome!
  • green = community manager answered -> When I have answered a thread.

The following prefixes will only be found in the bug section for now:

  • brown = more info needed -> We need more info from the thread operator on the bug thread.
  • green = solved -> Bug is fixed, solved or was no bug to begin with.
  • yellow = in review -> Bug is in review
  • red = critical bug -> A critical bug that we will also inform you in the Official announcement section about.

Have a good weekend,

Madlen :slight_smile: