Devs can you consider a new quest. Unique item

People complain about playing almost a year and having any or few unique item.

I have a simple and fair solution. Can you consider a unique item quest.

If you open

50 titan chest, complete the quest phase 1 and get a random unique. 

150 titan chest, complete quest phase 2 and get a unique. 

300 titan chest, complete quest phase 3 and get the last unique. 

Phase 1 looks to be achieved something like 1-2 month for active players. 

Phase 2 something like 3-4 months

Phase 3 something like 6-8 months. 

Active but unlucky players get the uniques by this way… And be more happy… 

Something similar was allready suggested from myself, but instead of a quest, using domination instead of titan chests. I think, that FG is already working on something. There should be also someting against doubled unique items. Think about, you are so lucky to get two unique items, but you get the same item twice… I have this problem and one of the unique items is useless. You can’t even use it to forge something new…

There are some pain points, but I think, that FG is aware of them and will bring up something with 3.8

Can be cool to have new quest for unique items like in my 2nd Wars I got a titan chest and got Odysseus unique items with Frosbite. I have unlock the quest obtain 1 unique items but can be cool if that was Obtain Odysseus Unique item, if I got one day I don’t know Helen of Troy unique item can be cool to unlock a quest name Obtain Helen of Troy Unique item and do the same for each Heroes