Devs, do you consider to reward more players with daily titan points?

Currently only top 100 players get a daily titan point/s. 

1-10: 5 points per day

11-50: 3 points per day 

51-100: 1 point per day

For making game more competetive, is it possible to reward for example first 1000. Believe me players others than first 100 work so hard to keep ranks too. 

(In fact 1 titan point per day not a big deal but this would bring more action)

My suggestion (rank: daily point/s) 

1-10: 5 pts

10-50: 4 points

50-100: 3 points

100-500: 2 points

500-1000: 1 point




Hey Hellslord,

Thanks for the suggestion! We will discuss if and how we might change the daily Titan Points people can get for having a high rank.

Thx Chris. Waiting forward your alliance (Devs) decision ?

really? maybe add something in the game to spend those Titan Point. When you have unlock full power of Ajax. You unlock titan chest but I guess no one open them so Titan point is useless at a point. Maybe do something with Titan point like a feature who allow us to accumulate the titan point and in a Titan Shop where we can buy Titan items and spend the Titan Point 

I open ALL titan chests I get. And therefore it‘s really nice to get now more.

I’ll take a little different approach in suggesting that players should be able to enter two codes instead of one. I’m sure the developers could give us the statistics on how many new players are coming into the game.  If it’s 30-50 a day, that is hard for people to get new players to link them.  Do we have a lot of churn on the game or not?

I have two Titan chests and have been posting in the forums for days and nothing.  Older players have a much bigger advantage because of established links during a time that there were more players coming in…etc.  It just seems a lot slower to get anything accomplished in the Titan area.

Interesting and good point?