Diamond league

Is only 1 player who gets 5th star or first 3 players on diamond league???

Only the 1st place gets the 5th star.  

Try not to get stuck in Diamond League it sucks unless you are top of food chain. It seemed like I was stuck there for 5 or 6 in a row and now back in again.

I won the diamond league … Once.   I was a new player, and was put into the Diamond League with a bunch of other Noobs.  I luckily noticed there was an achievement bonus for winning this, so I spent a bunch of vouchers to buy food and win it.   

Haven’t won it since.  

I think if that if you have a decent showing in your current league, you will be advanced to the next higher level on your next.  So you’re always applying the peter principle, that is, promotion to the point of incompetence. 

1 hour left 16000 difference between me and 1st person … lol … will not be bothered but good experience… hard to fight against 5000 + trophies with big medal bonus. Anyway how come none of gear bonuses like medal or bread bonus does not work in dungeon ???  

In these months I’m upgrading my farms and in April (after the expiration of cooldown) I will link my account with my laptop. My goal is to win Diamond League for the first time and with >100k medals and without buying food through gems and vouchers.

So that players don’t rely on dungeons to farm medals. :grinning:

Everyone can’t get 1k+ medals with six farmer perks ?

And it is definitely not easy! 

From the dungeons I mean :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish dungeons included Farmer Perks, that’d be awesome!! You’d get more medals that way and some lower players would have a shot a winning without actually losing gems in the end

Just ask @OVRSLO lol, she won and, well, all I can say is…when you play for hours at a time, it pays off :wink:  

Higher level will still have an advantage in that case ^^

true, cause they have better dungeons…making it even harder to win if you don’t have farmer perks lol

Don’t think farming medals in the dungeon is same for everyone. Mine is crap period. Even with farmer perks how do you close a 50 - 100k gap???

Time, money and dedication ??

Uhmmm? Too Funny, you crack me up. Time? there is only 24 hours in day. When those guys are hitting 1000 medals raid to my flimsy 50 per raid. Money? I’m free player did not know you could just buy medals, would not buy anyway. Dedication? think I have covered that by hitting 106 level in 13 months as free player is not playing every other day. It would be nice if there was another league for those guys to compete in and give them better perks for being there like gears only available to them. Currently in diamond i am down 50k+ medals limiting my raids to drop out of league. Or just give us the option not to join the diamond league would be cool.

Chill out ?

Well you are right everyone only has 24 hours but it’s good to know that you fail to see the point. Eventhough Time is equal for everyone, not everyone can Invest his Time equally. For instance. I Work 9 to 10 hours a day, coupled with Time needed to get to and off Work, in addition the Time needed to do your daily Things plus Sleep, you will see why Time is a Factor. I barely have Time to play the game for a couple of hours, while others might Invest much more of their Time into the game.

13 months to 106 is not a big achievement anymore. Leveling has been faster than ever before. So calling that dedication, not so sure about that.

I was refering to the attitude. Never give up always go and fight at your limit for max rewards.

And money to buy food, gems for scrolls, everything that speed up the process. E.g. finnish raids in half the Time gives you effectively more Time for more raids and therefore more medals.

Best thing to do is hope and wait until you get an easy league or be prepared to Invest in one way or another

I respectfully disagree with your analogy on ease of leveling for free player who also has never been in alliance. That means no shortcuts have been taken by the player nor any special boosts for real money. I can run through raids in as little as 20 seconds or little less sometimes. Not giving up just trying to stay out of the diamond league because I get stuck there from all the raids. 

I only view leagues as a source for some free gems. What I’m hoping for is to stop being stuck in the diamond league.

Investing real money is not my game play. 

BTW sorry to here you work 9-10 hours a day that sucks more than diamond league.

I tried to win DL for about a Year without success. Then, there was the Easter-Festival last Year with plenty of Event-Fights which gave a lot of Medals and I won DL by Surprise gg

About DMD leagues (or all others) do not count dungeon win in the leagues.