Diamond Mode.

I haven’t experienced this yet, but I think that all the top players get kind of bored whenever they max out everything. So you get everything maxed, and then you’re just tied with everyone else, with no way to advance.

So here’s my idea. There needs to be a limitless amount of upgrades, but all upgrades past the future ones, need to cost a boatload of money, to make it a real challenge. My suggestion would be to make every future upgrade cost twice as much as the previous (meaning that the cap would need to be taken off of Gold Chamber, too). So for example, getting to 42 Morale in a wave, would cost 16M. Getting to 44 Morale would cost 32M. Etc. This would give top players a /lot/ of extra things to do to achieve greater perfection, without making them so overpowered as to be unbeatable.

But now, there do have to be the follow regulations to this:

  1. Players in Diamond Mode cannot drop below a certain trophy level. Namely, cannot drop below 4,800 trophies, or below whatever the top 100 trophy level is. This is because, many players are known for dumping/stripping and falling back through the ranks for some sort of benefit, and we want to prevent this. You could also prevent this by making it so that Diamond Mode players can only attack/be attacked by, other Diamond Mode players. It perhaps, once you drop below a certain trophy amount, your Diamond Mode upgrades are Suspended until you reach that amount again.

  2. The most controversial regulation… Is that you drop the price over time. Whenever Flare adds new levels to things, I’m /pretty/ sure that they don’t double the price. Ergo, when the upgrades come out as normally scheduled, their prices would adjusted. What’s the point of this? The point of this is to make sure the leads aren’t permanent, nor that they interfere with the current schedule. Think, if we just kept things this way, the game would just benefit whoever’d been doing this the longest. This way, future players would have a chance to overtake older players in less time if those older players become less acfive. So rather than being a permanent stage, it’s more like maxed players paying a lot of gold to get a head start, and never having a real end point.

But now, let’s be realistic for a moment… Can Flare /really/ decide what the future levels of towers should be before they’re ready? No. Can Flare add upgrades to spells without balancing everything else with it? No. Just think, Swordrain kills most units already, so if upgrading it adds little real benefit, then it’ll become obsolete. There are other examples, but all in all, it would screw with the gameplay if Flare upgraded these things without a plan.

So, the compromise? How do we provide top players with an endless challenge, while keeping the gameplay relatively the same? The answer is, we only do this for Waves. Why Waves? Because Waves are already balanced. Just think, if you have a Lv.100 Firebolt, nothing will take it down. But if you have 8 Werewolves in one wave, they still go down in the same number of spells, they just deal a lot more damage beforehand. Not only that, but whereas towers scale up ~45%/level, going from 40 to 42 would only be a 5% increase. There’s plenty of them to upgrade, so it’s never like you’re constantly having to upgrade the same one, /and/, since each wave is limited to only 8 units, there’s no chance of it putting too much extra strain on the game, because you can still only have a max of 64 units on the field at once.

So, maxed players, give me your feedback. Would you enjoy the option to spend your gold on that slight edge, or do you like things being so uncompetitive?