Diamond Vault XV (help needed)

So, since the alliance party is in the corner I want to upgrade my alliance tower to 500k. I am on 150k bt have enough gems for 250k upgrade. But I wanted help on how to defeat the Diamond Vault XV scroll free (I wont mind spending 10-20 gems :slight_smile:

It’s been some time I play this lvl,my troops arbs,cannon,froster unboosted.spells sub,shield,blade storm.all max.try it just now easy as abc.just beware of the straight path where all snake tower is there.just let cannon do the damage.

Hey Titanka, how did it go? Did you make it with level ~85? If so, how?

When I took it, I have maxed Knight, Archer and Cannons for troops. Maxed Blizzard, Firestorm and Sonic Blast. But I think what helped me was the 80% Scream Boost, then the other equip was poison shield.

Hahaha, i just completed the dungeon for mummy level 4. A lot more difficult than the one for 1000 gems, according to the medals. And it was, i couldn’t beat it normally. But i remembered Flothaboss doing one of the new dungeons almost only with dragons. And because i have dragofrosters at the moment, i started a run with 5 dragons, scroll free :wink:

Some late cannons, but i don’t know if they made it to the gate and a mummy or two as meat shields. SB, Shield and Swordrain as spells … Very nice, thank you Flothaboss for the idea :slight_smile:

I won’t get the 1000 gems right now and save them for later use. I could with this strategy, the long straight is fitting the dragons :slight_smile:

Nope I didn’t coz I accidently set my worker to upgrade my blockade :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanx, that will help a lot :slight_smile: