Did a really great job,In messing up the whole game

Just went ahead and buffed up the whole defence at such level that 4.5k teir, players also have become unbeatable,If you people want to make the game by its name(TOWER DEFENSE),than reduce its forging cooldown,that way at least most of us can also have good defense,instead of just adding extra level,why didn’t you people just buffed up the current stat of the towers.As for the new CONQUEST MODE,how are we going to get gems to upgrade alliance tower,unlock blacksmith slots and max the stronghold buildings,of you care about your gamers,Than do reply.

Here’s what they need to do: Keep the defenses as hard as they are right now, BUT, add back in the stats of the spells that got nerfed, along with all the Ceres stats. As I’ve said many other times, all flare had to do was to buff the defenses. There was no need to nerf those spells and Ceres

even if you reduce forging cd you still need pearls… people dont have pearls… thats the problem

Sitting on 400k pearls without anything significant too use them on hmmm…

Oh I only use the daily gem pack they costs like a chocolate bar per month :)i just play smart. 

Luck set and pearl farms:) L2P noob

5-6k per day is easy to farm.

4 pro rewards and like 8000 pearls per month

11-15 k per ninja 2 time in a month.


200000 pearls in a month.

i dnt know why its a problem.

ou want your RR2 back as it was ?? we do what we can 4.8.2018 strike day. Why 4.8.2018, is still clear 4.0. I will not watch any videos that day or buy gems. Only then will flare give us back our RR2. If it continues, they will change it back. I thought you want to listen to the players. I do not want to trigger a discussion but just give it away and join in. All the players will be thanking the strike, whether today or in the future.

Not everyone has that chance?or the skills to play +5300, you suggest to leave the game those people?

Dude you don’t need trophies to pearl farm and you get like 8k pearls from ninja just to be like 4500 lol… 

Which chance?

you need to attack 500 trothy guys??

ok lets think you would get only 5000 pearls per day without ninja and pro

its 150 k per month. Absolutly enough for everything



how many players can be 4500+? 4 pro rewards- how many can score that high? You just proved you have to have all blacksmith slots open and play pro leagues non stop, also that this is only available for very strong people- you are minority.

Stop being selfish and notice others.

Yes i have all slots open and its normal.

without pro and ninja you can easy make 150 k per month

you can have 1000 trothys for this, no need more

I think people that cry about gems and currencies are spending what they get on really silly things like speeding upgrades, raiding and cof instead of saving them and getting the things that really matters and stays there permanently.

I only buy daily gem pack and I have everything + alot more.

A lot of the above comes down to how much time should player spend to be competitive. 

@cr1 how long does it take you to farm 5-6k pearls?

Its per day.

you need to attack in luck the 500 trothies guys and melt the items from COF.

1 raid is like 50 pearls as i remember and like 1 min with all stuff( open cof an etc)

i have done it while i watch ? 

You’re right , i know how to farm pearls, don’t worry.  The only thing in this update that i don’t like, is that the basic things, as attacking becomes limited if you don’t spent gems.  No problem that bases become harder now, well problem with the limited free videos for boosting 

some people have a job and are not able to fight hours to collect enough gold with the fights on the almost empty bases

rr2 was initial free game with paying options (obvious the more you pay, the more possibilities of course)

now after the update, rr2 is paying game with some free options (4 free videos a day, rest is to pay for if you want more)

i find it big difference

for info, i’m Not free player , have 3 stronghold buildings lev 8, subscription running atm, but this is step to far

I just said about pearls)

or you spend money or you spent time. I think its right thing?‍♀️

Btw its really harder now, but may be its good to not win 100% of raids

With only 300k gold in bases you have to do now both, spending money and time to collect 15M.?. Not knowing what conquest mode will be, but without free boosting videos, people have to spent gems, or do less fights.  I allready told in other topic what budget i intended to spent in this game, so the gems i spent for boosting are less spent elsewhere.

before i saw 8xtavernboosts, 2or3 x4 farmboosts, 2x bs boosts and 5 freechests videoboost every day

around 27 videos a day, now 3

same gemcost is 500gems a day, 15000 gems a month, almost 60€, 

now a don’t spent that amount for boosting, everything goes just a bit slower now

in my case, flare looses every day now the money they get from seeing24 videos

and that is just for 1 player

Why you need immidiatly upgrade ypur staff? I will do it on wars, ninjas and time by time. What a reason to hurry?

Only doing max 1 thing a day, no hurry indeed, but the free videos should return.

if you doing 1 a day or during wars or events, you allways can use the free boost videos

think flare did more unpleasant things : i saw your ally has bought lot subscription for upgrading  stronghold.  I can imagine now after nerving storagecapacity some of your members could appriciate it (sarcastic).  No problem your team bought subscriptions, but flare has a strange way to say thank you?