Did anyone notice that the new Sonic Blast can kill Gargoyles?

I just realized, the next-to-last level of Sonic Blast can kill a Gargoyle just before they explode. Was this the case with the previous max level? Am I just now noticing it? Or are Gargoyles now even more useless?

the old max couldnt kill all of them if I recall you needed to be sorta lucky and get the second bit of damage from the sonic blast to kill them off. The new max sonic blast is a beast.

Yes you have to cast sonic blast before meeting the group of Garogoyles and they will die before they can hit you, i don’t remember of sonic blast lvl 6 if it could do the same thing, but yes gargoyles are now more useless. Even if they didn’t add 2 new level of sonic blast, gargoyles would be remained useless because then after a certain high level and good base, people don’t use them anymore, but other troops.

They, however, remain a solid point for a wide range of players maybe i would say until 4000 trophies they can still be put into your layout.

I don’t have maxed sonic blast but I wouldn’t use it for gargoyles, I’d just go I front of my army and take the hit if I have enough health, since you only have a limited amount of time using spells

Blizzard drops gargoyles around the 2600 trophy range. I advise Bomb towers until a certain level and then upgrade to Firebolt, Snake, and Skull with some Bomb towers (for range and AOE explosion). Gargoyles, in my opinion have always been useless. I have no fire resistance on armor and can take a shower in the lava.

Are you talking about the tower joekee?

Yes. Just realized you all were talking about the monsters. My bad :confused:


Sonic Blast drops Pyromancers quick, too :slight_smile:

We weren’t talking about pyromancers either :stuck_out_tongue:

I noticed my sonic blast 7 (one from max) indeed takes out gargoyles before they even can do some damage. So a sonic blast activated on the right moment takes down towers plus gargoyles.


So it actually works. But it’s more cheap to sacrifice a troop for that purpose, like a mummy or by pushing forward another troop. Only with perfect timing you can take out gargoyles plus towers, but I think it’s wasting a spell more worth to save it for a better spot. And in higher bases gargoyles aren’t used that much any more.


And even a higher level of bladestorm will take out gargoyles in combination with wind boots, without even doing a little damage. Run close to them, activate blade storm and run backwards, go in and do it again. All gargoyles killed with one bladestorm.  

Bladestorm does nothing for me )= Strangely, though, if you run within their range, then run back out before they can drop their bomb, they just roll over a die o.O Full health and everything xD