Did not got my 1100 crystals and one chest

Hi there,just opened the game and did not got my prize,Please help,it was 1100crystals and one pro chest.Ign-M.Rizwan.Shekhani



hehe my boy

Me too. 


Same here


make tickets guys

Ticket as in??

same here

We are aware of this issue and actively investigating. We apologize for the frustration. Thanks for letting us know.

So give us all the full rewards as compensation :wink:


Me too 

Give everyone who plaayed pro league max reward and everyonw will be happy :slight_smile:

Let’s see, this is the 1 Millionth topic of this kind  :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Well this was the one millionth update but they still screwed up.

Of course every update will come with a bug. But with a little patience it’ll be fixed