Did Opelle leave the game?

Hey, the topic says it all. His trophies on my friends list shows 0. 

Any update? He has been a great agent for this game. Remember his wikia for rr2 when information was hard to come by.

If its a short break, I can understand, however if it’s about quitting FG should seriously look into this game. 

Yes, he left the game.

More and more will leave the game… flare does Not listen to his Community.

Hmm, looks like Opelle followed the advice that Homer Simpson gave to his son Bart: If something’s too hard for you, just quit

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Very good advice)

Conquest mode is fine, I think he probably left for other reasons, but honestly it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that no one is updating the wikia page, you would think flare would update it themselves or something, or the community manager would do a little there.

True, he hasn’t been much into the game as you can see by the fact that there have been no wiki updates for about a year (maybe more) and no YT videos for 6 months

He was doing the same Flotha was doing, but one was hired, the other was not even considered when giving suggestions. I would have done the same. 

He is out of the tunnel, we are still inside.

Probably he was tired to be ignored by Flare. All the time he have spend on wiki and all. All superb and awesome suggestion he have made and all. Just after 4 year enough is enough. Probably Flare have kill his own passion and determination in the game. We lost him because of Flare. Shame on you Flare

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So true.

He is still following this forum tho, profile says he was online ~1 hour ago

oPelle said his goodbyes in our Discord before the Conquest started.

Talking to him he expressed he was frustrated with Flare and the update (especially with what was not included and how it gets more and more difficult for growing alliances). All very understandable reasons to me. But he chose not to make a public post here and we should respect that. He did a lot for the community and had an incredible understanding of all of the game mechanics. I will miss him.


Mathew (or Ann), oPelle indeed said goodbye. That’s very sad and a immense loss for everyone.

We indeed will miss him. What he did for the game was incredible. Keenflare should build a statue for him in every alliance, just to honor him in this release. He was one of the reasons helping this game to become big, his wikia was a great help for a lot of players.

It feels like a funeral. Hope we will see him in another game, but honestly, I won’t play another game. 

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Hi folks,

We are very sorry to see a top player go. :slightly_frowning_face: I (only being a week here) don’t know him of course, but I want to wish him all the best. And I hope he maybe comes back one day!

And you guys said he help building up a wiki? That’s amazing.

I hope to improve communication between you guys and us, so I hope it makes you feel a bit more listened to and we can improve the game together. :heart:


He didn’t help building up a wiki, wiki is his personal work, he did that by himself  with little help from FG :slight_smile: As far as I remember he even begged FG for help here on forum with all the support from our community but I guess it didn’t work at all and wiki now is not updated anymore, unless someone else is crazy enough to waste time on that :wink:

Guess what. He is the creator of Royal Revolt 2 wiki. That makes him more amazing than you thought. ?

He was one of moderators in this forum too (help a lot of community problem) but resign after there’s so much lacking communication with previous CM. Perhaps, we have good CM before her but the different was too much after that (your previous).

The last thing he asked Flare to give him the detail change (like stat of update) that Flare did so that he can update Royal Revolt 2 wiki but you know what? There’s no response from flare at all. By logic for who he doing all of that? He never get paid from Flare. He is just a fans of this game that willing to sacrifice his time to make this game known more to the world, to make it better, etc. Until now I still don’t understand the situation at all (the reason of Flare action).

Now it’s already late. He, the most dedicated players in this game left. Hope he now can spend all his time for his happiness. Wish him luck.

From me too.

Not keen anymore. Keen was just because they took FTB in their team. There is nothing keen in them. FTB gave them the name. “Content creator at keen flare.”

Flaregames is publisher company of Royal Revolt 2, OR, etc. It’s just like Ubisoft, Konami, etc.

Keenflare is a development team for Royal Revolt 2 and OR. A sub of Keengames that have a partnersip with flaregames. Keenflare was there even before they recruit FTB. They are the creator of Royal Revolt 2.

You can visit https://www.flaregames.com/ and https://www.keengames.com/ for more details.