Did Opelle leave the game?

I know about that. It was just a statement meaning that flare have lost its keenness.

Sadly yes ? His gameplay tutorials, efforts on Wikia were invaluable, that’s why he was the ‘Knowledge Base’! Playing under his leadership was a great time (in GoD and MM)! A very good luck to you for the future, Pelle  :slight_smile:

Ech… It is a great loos to this platform

Hey KK Star. Can we talk ingame on priv? IGN: Laza83

Hi, Jack, yes An was the one who expressed her sadness over the issue, when I first informed her. Since she is not much involved, I thought of expressing her thoughts over the forum.

First festival after Pellez’s retirement (click summer festival details).

Can some one message opelle to come back.  We have a cm now whonatleast responds with updates.   He was a great guy indeed and his wiki along with ftb videos were so useful for all of us to learn.    

He is checking here three hours ago.

I know that he has not forgotten RR2 all the time.

cause conquest has many strategies, his alliance would need him.

Please bring him back to his alliance.

4.0 was hopeless at first but there is hope in 4.1. :grinning:

Today is a wonderful opportunity to convey good news to him


If OPelle has found his peace we should respect that.

BUT: wouldn’t taking care of the wiki be the perfect playground for a Community Manager? Taking care of a place where players can find all the information they are looking for? Sounds like a match made in heaven to me! Who could better insert all the needed numbers than a person sitting at the source. And it would be perfect for someone who has just started the game to get an overview by looking through all the pages for missing information.

the outgoing goes, the remaining stays. It’s always been like this.

@oPelle enjoy life ??

Oh yes, i remember using his advice in video to actually won a couple of 500+ medal base and do 15% of top player (later i find my name in the picture of the guy ranting on trophy lost ??) good old day . 

When Madlen came newly in this Forum, how good she was? SHe listened to every reply and every post? Now, she also dont even listen us.

I did message him and asked him to come back. and finally, he’s back in the game…

Wth men you doing some crazy necro!

She’s on vacation for Christ’s sake…

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