Did pro end early?

Did pro end early? I can’t play today Nd I thought these ended Thursday in the morning? Totally ruins my monthy level. 

You’re not allowed to participate after 24hrs to go. I’m not sure if this applies to players already in Pro Leagues though

Thats right. If you joined before you can play until it finishes.

That seems ■■■■■■ in an event that is supposed to take only 30 minutes or so to finish. 


Actually it’s good when the event lasts a week. The fact that the event lasts a week is the ■■■■■■ part

That’s what I’ve been wondering. Why can’t you join on the last day if your participation takes about 40-45 minutes (with all the loading, checking your perks and boosts - all of which is a secret until you join the leage btw for some reason)? I finished sniper cup with about 3 ½ minutes remaining, because the final 3 maps were beyond me, so it took less than that.