Did the Granny sales stop for you guys?

For the past week I haven’t gotten a single legendary item offer sale from Granny. Did it stop for some reason? 

Not for me. I am still seeing them regularly with 44%-45% off

Who do I reach to about my problem? :slightly_frowning_face:

Stopped for me yesterday.

still going

she becomes old every day more and more , she needs to be replaced  :wink:

The perpetual sale stopped for me yesterday.  However, since the perpetual sale began I have had a couple breaks for a week or so, so I am fairly confident it will eventually restart.

She stopped a few days ago… I miss her 

Yes. Its not stopped but I have offer every 6 hours but I didn’t get 24 hours.


stopped for me

It looks like granny sale is every one or two weeks and lasted a whole week before it ends , so yeah she’ll come with some new legendary items again in one or two weeks

Still have sales with 44-45% off.

Mines is still on

It looks like mine was banished forever… I wonder why?

I have offers too but there are 2 weeks that I don’t see any offer that is above my current items… :slightly_frowning_face:

They came back for me and curse that woman – she still won’t sell me a legendary belt!  Then she makes me blow my gems with a chest upgrade instead!

Ah ok, I guess it’s just not me then. Thanks for the reassurance guys! 

Haha same happen to me before , waited about 25 levels to get a worthy upgrade to my rare leadership ring.Got one for 130 gems with 200 points upgrade then next day granny offer another with 300 upgrade for same gems  :angry: