Did they reduce chest chance in war raids?

So me and several members of my alliance really noticed that we fail alot more on the first chest in chamber in war raids this season.

Anyone else that noticed the same? Any official statement to verify if this has been changed or if it’s actually the same as before?

A few friends and I have noticed the same thing for a while now - not just this last war.  When they initially added the chests, it seemed like the success percentage on the 1st chest was 75% or more but it seems more like 50% now at best.  Also, many of us are on Windows/Windows Phone so the app crash we often hit when getting to the chests (since last patch) lowers the effective percentage even more.


As others have mentioned, it would be great if they just made the 1st chest in war seasons a 100% success rate so there would be a guaranteed bonus if you take out the enemies gate.  I had a particularly bad run of luck with chests (and crashes) in one of my wars yesterday and produced far fewer skulls than normal as a result which is frustrating. 

A few war seasons ago the forum tested it at around 50%


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No that really wouldn’t be great. Imagine the unlucky alliance in war which has a few members but noone really about level 70 then other alliances who have players 75+, the other alliances can walk through the alliance easily and get guaranteed skulls starting from 100 yet the unlucky alliance take touch their bases so have to setlle for lower skulls in fights then around 40-50 skulls in chests. No, not great

On the topic, I haven’t had 75% of chests. More like 60%-65%