Did update, now I can't connect to game

I just did the update and now I can’t connect to the game at all.

yes i see also people im my map, i cant attack they have another version…


oh did update from app store too, cant connect now…

Yep it’s screwed up, if you do the App Store update your locked out of the game.

yes i reinstalled the game, still cant connect after that…

guy in my alliance is playing after update. but I don’t see update for android.


Regarding the ones who cannot connect, could you please let us know which device and OS version do you use?

The Android version will be out very soon :grinning:

the problem is resolved i can log in again ty

samething happen when I update from 2.4 to 2.5, now from 2.5 to 2.6, can’t connect, shows: please check your internet connection. 


my device: iPHONE 6s, IOS 9.3.2. 


I tried delete the app and reinstalled it, I am able to connect it, but when I load my saved package from icloud, it got disconnected, and never able to reconnected back.

Game loop in connection screen and cannot establish connection.

Device HTC ONE M8, Android 6.

I updated and had this problem. I uninstalled and installed again and problem persist.

Did the update, and after that cant play anymore either…

Playing on Galaxy s7 edge.

Reinstalled it and the problem persists

Please fix this, general needing to get back to alliance

After 1 hour after update it started to work.

I have Samsung tab with android  5.0.2 and I cannot log on after the latest update to the game which worked fine when I first did the upgrade earlier today! 

Can someone please fix my account again? Not sure why we have to go through this everytime you guys do a revision, I would think it should work automatically by now. 

screen name Darrown

Working now thanks


Hello, I have also had issues after the latest update; for about two weeks I cannot play the game and upon login receive the message saying connection cannot be established. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game, but no result.

My device is OnePlus 2, Android version 6.0.1. Can anything be done to resolve the problem and keep playing the game? Thanks.


Please send a message to the customer support team, with your exact in-game username.