Did you notice? No more Uber Pal in Daily Rewards O.O

I just notice right now after watch my free video. Flare have remove the Uber Pal Chest in Day 27. Wow what a sad move O.O. So again a another move who will castrated free player. So no more free pal. Because in Pal chest via Facebook never got one there over 1 year 

A another knife backstabber toward Free player. So if I understand there is only 2 way to obtain Pal now : 

  • Pal collector (Who come 1 time each 2 month close)

  • By buy them with gems



Same for me.

Why would Flare remove that pal chest?

I think it’s some kind of bug.

I just got my pal chest for last day today so I will find out tomorrow if mine is same


I just talked to the devs about this.

You can already see the special holiday turnus popping up there. You “lose” one pal chest now so to say, but the rewards for December in the daily rewards overall will be much better.

Okay thanks!!! Can’t wait for the special December chests!!

its ok for the one who can reach the Pal Uber chest in Conquest or in War Season. Not really any consequence on this change. You get a lots of them but for the one who cannot score enough and are not sinced with Facebook don’t have anymore chance to get free Pal until January if Flare bring back thre Uber Pal Chest

Why remove it right now? You remove the chance to get one more Uber pal Chest. why not have wait around November 28th to change it? for December 25th? Fro the 27 days

Hope the Christmas Special Chest like each years content at least 2 or 3 Pals to rewards the lost chest in reward. Will see in 1 month when I open this chest

Just hope i don’t lose a chance to get Nidhogg or Bela because of this

Are we sure the uber pal chest was removed?

Maybe it’s the same situation that happened last year: ~20 new daily chests were “injected” in the middle of your daily chest sequence, so nothing was removed, it was just delayed.

we see later when i reach Day 27. For now we have just a green gems chest. At least if that was a Uber Gems Chest.

My last 2 chests are also green gem chests not even an uber chest

Nobody will miss any chest since they’ll have 28 christmas chest. After these you’ll directly gain the chests you “missed”.

We already get few pals from Conquest rewards.Why bother if they had removed 1 pal from our rewards?

In december month you’ll get gem, pal and fest chests, and it works according to the date so in next cycle, you’ll see that pal chest as @cay pointed out. :slight_smile: