Did You Notice This?

This happens when a ninja dies


A leaf flies & disappears into the ground.

yes i agree with You but I Never see before ?



So the ninjas make an alliance with the monks and live in harmony with the kind…


Well I was just trying to see how much a lone ninja can survive against my cannons & I noticed this leaf. Repeated it, but this time used the snipping tool.

Yes i noticed that too and you don’t need so much focus :grinning:  You see it almost immediately or at least after few times you use ninjas =)

I never ever really bothered about what the ninja was doing as I concentrated on building a huge army of knights. Maybe the knights stamped the leaf. :stuck_out_tongue:  

I noticed these leaves’ during the ninja event itself :rolleyes:

I always got too many troops or VFX around to be able to see it properly…

but I noticed many times in the battle :slight_smile:

Lol I hadn’t notice this, I’m not playing much, but still I should have paid more attention :stuck_out_tongue:  

My ninjas are killed on the first snake tower. They seem to be more of an annoyance than anything else. Maybe I am too slow or the ninjas too fast, but they port away and attack before i can shield them - and die. 

So I guess the path forward is smoother now that it is covered with leaves. 

My ninjas seem to not die that fast as I would expect. Even if they run away from me at the beginning of the battle before I can shield them, I always seem to have  4-5 ninjas killing the gate with me. I don’t know, maybe monks I use in the battle heal them here and there while they keep teleporting

uber granny event finished that last long only 1 day :slightly_frowning_face: