didn't get the new update


I still didn’t get the new update on my Windows PC adn can’t see any new upgrades. anyone facing this issue or what’s wrong?

Go on the store !

This is why you cannot see new levels.

Alysea don’t read you carefully then why i am here. If you have not get the new update check in Windows Store - Download and upgrade - Check Update

if your PC don’t find that there is another solution. If you are lucky and you have a old build of Windows 10 hope you have 10 you can download and install the last build and normally that happen 2 times for me with the new build all of your app is updated and you click on RR2 and have the last update

Always wait before getting the new build in Windows 10 if you have that kind of problem download and install the new build but normally you suppose to find without problem each update of your app in Windows Store

If that don’t work you can use in the last hope the upgrade via Facebook in game. The game is connected

There are currently no new upgrades for any Defensive buildings.

Also these new upgrades do not depend on any new version, they are delivered with a live server update.