Difference between alliance rank in war...

When i look at my actual war season map, i realized that an alliance ranked 790 is on the same map than another ranked 54… This is NOT fair for those alliance that are ranked 790!..


Maybe Flaregame can add a maximum difference between alliance rank of 30 or 40 on the same war map?

hey, How Flaregames set the map for wars ? a few members say, war map based on fiefdoms ONLY.

That’s bad,if so ! ,not fair at all, as you show.

it should be a mix: alliance level, row, members, fiefdoms. no ?

your opinion ?  

yeah it’s really stupid,after first few war seasons,all middle level alliances(actually excluding few top ones who are at equal strength more or less,so just matter of more grinding there) reach certain point where they win 1 war then loose next one more or less.even every player of alliance very actively playing doesn’t matter,because for example as you win current war +5 fiedoms then you’ll match up with crazily higher rank alliance,now even if our all players very active we don’t have chance at all cause opponents have more members,and as they higher rank alliance(more total trohies),our last 8-10 players can’t score much even if they willing to do because alliance matched up(trophy difference) so messed and they are not higher enough even to do proper top 3.now even if you manage to win this time somehow,then next war season gonna be just impossible.then it creates lot of frustration amongs players who don’t understand this.


I think matching up alliances based on fiefdoms is ok but not good enough there has to be other factors which can be considered,like alliance’s rank/total trophies,number of slots and all.we have this “pairing of alliances” issue since long,hope flare will try to fix it for better !.  :slight_smile:

You are right Zen, we actually are in that patern of “win, loose, win, loose, win, loose” because we are fighting very low level alliance OR very High level alliance…


The difference between alliance rank should be maximum of 30 or 40 rank…If its more than that, its very unfair for low-level alliance.


I’m not the only one that disagreed with this way of choosing alliance in war: many players in game are complaining about this, i hope Flaregames will fix this…

I agree with this problem;


I’m the leader of “the lair”, level 15, and in last 5 wars, from the first to the actually: 1°, 2°, 2°, 4°, 6°. We made many fiefdoms in first 3 wars, so in second 2 wars we was inserted in map against high level alliance. The gap between us and them is of 400 - 500 position in global rank! This for every enemies in this two map. Now we are already out fo this war. We received 3 Attacks in first turn, from very strong alliances (strong for numbers of players, numbers of trophies, daily donation). So this isn’t a war, this is a massacre!!!


The problem is that we made too many fiefdoms in first 3 war season i explained; so in the 4° and 5° flaregmes match we against very strong alliances, with the same numbers of fiefdoms!


The matching of alliances in war season is not fair! It’s incredible to set allies only for fiefdoms number! It’s clearly a method for give difficoult to alliances so they —> buy gems.


Because i see many many other alliances with the same our number of fiefdoms, alliances with the same our offensive power. BUT after a good war season, two or three war season, for flaregames you MUST be matching against the top team (for the same numbers of fiefdoms). -THIS IS THE VERY POINT-

What do u guys suggest ?matching by global rank?

If so theres gonna be alot alliance that when wars coming put all member out so their global rank going low then when wars start all member in, sure that gonna be much more unfair matching

when wars start all member in

you know what will happen then:

when they come back during war,

no skulls winnable by them, and moreover skulls lost if attacked.

why not a mix of parameters checked for the war map:

 alliance rank, alliance level, nb of members,fiefdoms, …


Player can still get skull even they leave and change alliance if they havent attack anyonr on war yet

If he have attack , then change alli sure cooldown for him

Enter in the running game makes you lose a lot of potential!

You lose a lot of time for people exchanges , the skull remain is lost in lost count of the battle while the redeemed will be lost…


A good gap could be 40-50 in the global rank, associated to the level of alliance, with a gap of 3 position + or - .

I know its the job of Flaregames to choose how to fix that, but here is suggestion:


-Maximum 3 fiefdom of difference between alliance

-Maximum of 40 rank of difference between alliance


I know is not a perfect soution, but it could make that game a lot less unfair…  Because an alliance ranked 790 fighting an alliance ranked 54 is NOT fair…

“Maximum 3 fiefdoms” is still a lot =)

Fielfdom gap is useless… Now there isn’t any gap, is not this the problem.


Solution is to set a max global ranking between alliances on the same map; it’s very important for this, a block for who enter in an alliance at war started. Everyone can change alliance, but anyone can attack in a season war already started. So we can prevent that trick. :wink:


One thing is certain: actual method is weak and unfair. 

Top 10 gonna keep against each other on every war?, boring

Well, my point of view: its better to bore 10 alliance than 100 000 alliance like it is actually…


And anyway, actually its probably borring for top 10 alliance when they have to fight ennemy with 700 rank difference…

Top 10 alliance is biggest p2w player

And 10alliance means 600 most active player

Its sure hard to please everyone on matching war season

maybe it could be determined total combined hero levels for every member and there could be a variation of say ten or twenty lvls.

Very good idea!

Maybe Flaregames can step in and told us what they think of this unfair situation?


Maybe they can let us know if they have planned to do something to fix this difference between alliance rank?




A LOT of peoples are complaining every war when they see 500+ difference between alliance on the same map, Flaregame need to fix this!

war maps seems to be just random now, our current season has alliances from rank 4 to 58 (last time I checked), and with fiefdoms amount from 43 to 75, completely unbalanced 

I hope flare did something to fix this in upcoming update,on their fb page they said “this is last “regular” War Season.”  :wink: