difference of damage

Which Damage is better? poison damage or puncture damage

in which I benefit from poison damage and perforating damage

Thank you very much in advance

you don’t care of this anymore. That was useful before 2.5.0 people choosing between poison,fire,ice,normal and blunt. since 2.5.0 with the add of Uber and now since version around 3.5.0 with Pro League and Pro items. You don’t care but if you want to know its the blunt that do the real damage.

I remember the old video I have made about this on my old channel. In order



3.Ice and Fire


If you test by your own in your base without waves and look the time that take to destroy each towers. 

However those damage are irrelevant this day because people will use Speed,Spell perk,gold,slow perk and others. So element damage are useless. so don’t lose your time to look about this. Find Uber and Pro items for make your King better