Different amount of pearl on 2 same items


I have 2 items Boreal Embrace, but one has 134 pearls and one has 194 pearls, both of them have same power. Can anyone explain this?

Would you have a screenshot of the gold value of each if you wanted to sell them please?

Maybe your 2 “Boreal Embrace” received on 2 different times. 1st when your king have lower level than 2nd. Because when level up your king, item’s prices will decrease.

Generally, the repeat item will have lower value.


Ummm, no. The Uber Granny Event, like the last one, lowers the value of the uber gear (both in pearl and gold value) even though they’re exactly the same. 

Proof. Here are some duplicate/triplicate uber gears I got during this Uber Granny Event. 

With the Brimstone ring, I got both of them during the Community Event. As you can see, despite getting two of them, they are worth roughly the same.


@Rod911, I’ve been wondering the same thing.  What I’m finding is the value is greatest for the most recently received item I get.  I’m not sure I follow what you’re talking about the granny uber or uber event  A few of the items you have are from different levels with the exception of the brimstone and tourney chest ring.  


Is this screen shot recent?  This wasn’t taken during the event or anything, correct?

The lower pearl value items I received during the recent Uber Granny Event. It goes to show, like the previous Uber Granny Event (not the community event), gear you got inside chests are worth less than if you had opened the chests AFTER or BEFORE the event.

The only advantage of opening uber chests during the event was a higher chance of receiving unique items. Personally speaking though, after opening up 8 chests during the last Uber Granny Event, it didn’t seem like those chances of receiving a unique item increased.

Therefore, my suggestion is to not bother opening your uber chests during ANY Uber Granny Event. Instead, just open them whenever YOU feel like it.