Different boost colors

Just a small idea, depending on the type of boost should depend on the color of the icon and the effects around the unit.

For an example, if you have a war boost active, then the units spawn icon will be red and the particle effects would be also red

Another example, if a pro boost is active, it should be blue.


What if there are two boosts active from different colors? Then half the colors! ?

this idea was proposed in the past. We got no answer and be ignored. Thanks to come back with this idea. In Olympus Rising is the only bad thing I hate the most in the game. When everything on the battlefield have a purple aura and you cannot know who are who. Confusing like hell.

in RR2 I would like to see Pro Boost in Blue, Elite in Purple and War boost in Red. If a tower or units have many Flare can make them White or Orange who will indicate the defense tower or units have many boost

Glad to see this idea again.

True, its strange it was ignored in the past

Oh! I get it now. So, you’re saying that in the base layout in the pre-attack, you can see which boosts are in the base. Yeah, that’d be very helpful. Great idea!

Though it can be a good change, i don’t think it is possible practically jus by making coulurs. 

He is proposing different colours for different boosts. 

Currently we have 5 different boost. Still i think one troop can have 3 boost at a time. Take an example of archer. Start Giving him boost. Elite archer. Pro archer. War seasonal archer. How do you combine three colours now, so that the attacker can understand? 

Well, 3 colors is hard, but with normal boosts being blue, war and special war being red, pro being yellow, it’s possible to mix the colors as long as they are primary colors 

Okay maybe. But can you show us how to fit 3 or 4 different colours into single troop with your artistic touch  :grinning:

well, there are 4 types of boosts, right? So the most there can be is 3 different colors, since the Conquest Boosts could be yellow as well. The Pro Boosts are different than Conquest. What I mean by that is that the boosts are of all different types, so Conquest and Pro are both yellow colored boosts. It would work. Red, Blue, and Yellow make a black color, or a very dark grey, when mixed together. This suggestion would be helpful to the attacker, imo

I have write it in my post the solution. Maybe you don’t have read it. Let’s me write it again then…

if people have Pro Boost the color is Blue on the map and when you raid : Tainted Love and others

If people have War Boost the color is Red : Dragofroster,Dragomancer,Doom Gate and others

Until that you follow? Different color

If people have Elite Boost the color is Purple : Blazing Knight until the last one

If people got the Special Free boost 2 days before War then the color can be I don’t know Orange

if by any luck someone have many boosts on the same defense or units let’s say Conquest,War and Elite : Sample make them Bronze for 1,Silver for 2 and Gold for 3

Not complicated. Actually like olympus Rising we have the same problem. Just one color Purple. All is Purple. Confusing

Thanks, but no thanks.

Raiding with lots of units/boosts can already be an eye mess sometimes…

I don’t want my screen to become a christmas tree even more.

I like to be surprised in battle ? and deal with the unexpected right on time.

Don’t you like more challenge?