different collor

Is it an idea that when your character has a different collor your troops get that collor two or that you can give them a other collor by yourself, because i’m am red and black and my troups are Blue. when My troups are the same collor as me It Will look a bit beter.


I’m sorry if My English isn’t so good i’m trom The Netherlands and i’m NOT the best in English

ive brought this up before. the issue with this idea is when two kings wear the same color and attack each other, ALL the troops will be same color and get confusing

But the health bars would be different colors… and I don’t think the opposing troops should match their king, anyways. I think it is a good idea and I hope flaregames implements this.

They could change the color only when you raid someone else and the opposite during the raid remains red (so only your troops and the king change color). So this can solve the problem.

Maybe add instead of only monocolors also a camouflage.