Different Daily Reward on Both Device

Why on my PC I have a strange daily rewards map. No Titan Chest and just eternal one?

on my Ipad I have a normal daily rewards map but full of godlike chests and 2 Titan Chests

There is specific reason for this?

There’s a special birthday gift.

I know this is the birthday of OR in around May 12th but that don’t explain why both device have strange and weird daily map and completely different one. Normally they have both the same.

So many question need answer like : Why on PC a birthday chest and not on Ipad? Why on PC no titan and on my Ipad 2 Titan? and many more I am far to be alone to have some question about this for sure.

@CaptainMorgan Can you explain more in details what goin on?

Not every player has the same calendar