Different languages

For those who have a alliance in a language other than English, it is difficult to recruit. Even the forum is completely in English. So I would like it is added some way of knowing what language you speak a player. At least, you can see the flag of your language in your profile. Something that would be very grateful is to find players for their language, or otherwise seek alliances for their language.

For alliances, those already have flags to display countries (which says something about languages), but could be nice to give a flag to players, too… though, what about players speaking more than 1 or 2 languages? You can hardly display 5 different flags per player…


We can see the flag or flags of an alliance, but we can not seek alliances by flags.

There is not to show 5 banners, with just the main language or the two main languages is enough, plus some languages are similar and with a one flag is sufficient for to say several languages (such as Spanish and Latin).