Different offers from the market?

Hello, i was wondering about different offers from the market.

Me and my friend began this game in the same week, he bought no Diamonds, but i pay 20 Euro from the beginning.

1 Day later he got a nice offer for a small payment of maybe 300 diamonds which contains tons of goodies like a worker and much more. i missed this package on my side  :-/

After now 2 offers on his side i ask now, are there different sold outs for Phone users or what in the hell is going on? Was it a mistake to buy diamonds in the early game?


sry about my bad english, i am a german player :grinning:


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If you already have more gems than the offer costs you won’t get the offer.

So you need to have less gems in order to get the offer.

Digusting marketing :slightly_frowning_face:

damnit, but thanks for this very important info.

I think that was my first and my last 20€ for this game, such Marketing is like thiefery :slightly_frowning_face:

You could just wait for the pack then buy the gems you know.

Around 2 months ago, I had nearly 3K worth of Gems ready to be redeemed from the quests that I have done.  I did not redeem any of these Gems in hope that, when my Gems were low enough, I would get some sort of package offered to me.  To my surprise, the only offer that was given to me were Gem sale offers and no packages.


In order for me to trigger a special package, I had to redeem all the Gems first, so essentially, I could not hold any Gems in “reserve”. 


Now that I’ve done this, I can regularly get both special package and Gem sale offers whenever my Gems are down to less than 100.


As for what kind of Gem sale offers I get.  I have only had a 50% discount offer on the 20K Gem package twice which I have bought.  Otherwise, they do keep on offering a 30% discount offer on the 20K package which I normally purchase at least two of them at a time.  This would normally last me up to 2 months, unless there is some sort of event that’s too good to pass up to participate (ie. the recent offense event where I updated most of my spells and troops to their max levels).

They should put a big  warning on the gem packs when you buy them  


You will not get any package offers or any offers at all if you buy this pack

Flare should offer the starter package nd a worker package to everybody at the same cost, regardless of the gems they hv. They should be readily available too.

These r very basic packages nd by the time u r approaching 2k trophies, u ll need them if u r going to play the game.

I think not making these offers available to everyone at very affordable prices (like the daily gem/chest package could hv been introduced months ago) has hurt the rr2 playerbase the most! The numbers hv drastically reduced.

I don’t know how much players who regularly buy gems spend nd how many do it, but it surely couldn’t match the revenue of 5$ spent by a 300k+ player base.

PS: plus this would be mostly additional as most of the 20k gems buying players will still be there. Maybe flare figured smthg like that a month ago!