Different starting stats become the same after forging


As the topic suggests, as I’m forging today, I found that both of my shields, one’s base value 75700 and the other 79485, both have their values increased to 83459 after forging once. So I was wondering if it is a bug or just something I’ve never realized? Thanks!

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A lot of the nuances of forging are impossible to nail down. Our family of alliances has a huge compilation of data that helps us know which items are worth forging and how high we can expect to be able to get a perk up to, but there is a lot that we have just had to write up as too variable to track, like this.

If it helps, I tried the same with different results.

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those base values of the shields are kind of discrete.

you can also see here: Perk improvement is capped during forging


Oh, okay, tried to search, but did not find this. Thanks!

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