Different stats on beasts?

Me and a friend have a max Howl (lvl 10), we both have the 6/12 boost (22%). We are in different allies, but ally lvls are the same (last part should not matter). The stats on Howl however, are DIFFERENT in both allies on both damage and health. Should that be possible? I would have thought that lvl on beast (in this case 10) and the extra boost (in this case 6/12) would determine both damage and health. As they are not the same i must be missing something here?

Beast strenght is dependant on:

  • Beast lvl

  • Alliance beast boost (that 6/12 you mentioned)

  • King level


So if you and your friend have different king’s level, your beast’s stats will not be the same.

Thank you sir, missed the king level here?