Differentiating the 2 chat rooms to prevent mis-posting embarrassments

"Newb Enablers" series

(I write this post as I wipe off the umpteenth egg on my face after I posted a sensitive message on the wrong chat room in the Alliance Chat functionality of the game… ?)

As alliance members get promoted into the alliance council, they get exclusive access to post messages that are not for the consumption of the lower ranks. However, oftentimes, such messages get posted in the wrong chat room, much to the embarrassment of the poster & the receivers. For e.g., when the alliance council is discussing a particularly sensitive topic of a belligerent Veteran, a negative review about the errant member may get accidentally posted on the general chat if the poster logs off mid conversation & logs back on with the thought still in their mind; the default general chat is opened & the poster may “spill the beans” there. Ouch! ?

May I suggest a simple solution of changing the background color of the alliance council chat room. Hopefully, this should stand out to distinguish the wrong chat room. 


Thanks in advance. ☺️

Or instead of changing background of the chat why not use different font color,type or size to distinguish between three chat options?

I would like to be able to delete the chat message. I still have the same text message since over many weeks. I don’t think its interessting to new members to read previous conversation. Or add like RR2 the text disapear after a while