Difficulty Level Re-balancing

The issue: There aren’t separate servers, so old players and new players are all thrown together in the same pot. War Leagues have also stratified the player base without always placing individual players in the league appropriate to their skill/level). A player could be matched with other players on their normal map who are higher level or have many more war blessings because the only matchmaking keystones are level and trophies.

A solution: Level and trophies are still fair data points for matchmaking, but a third point could be added, making it so players also have a higher chance of being matched to other players within their war league. This will help to ensure that more of the players you are matched to have identical war blessings and likely fall within a similar level/skill range to you. It’s not going to eliminate the possibility of being matched with players from higher or lower leagues, and a player should still have roughly the same chance (depending on how close to the average trophy level they are) of getting players worth >3 trophies, but it should help out those players who are high level in low leagues and constantly face enemies with advantages they can’t get.


I think this data should also be used to re-calibrate leagues before the war starts. There are still alliances with many high lvl players (125+) together in the same alliance, obviously not wanting to fight at their lvl. - and it just leads to up and coming alliances getting really pssd off.  Right now up some of my players can win may be 2 battles, and they are over lvl 100 and generally capable.  Trophies/average ascn are the ones. Torches don’t mean too much these days. 


Two different issues, but leagues do need to be reseeded at some point soon. 

@dumpster sorry, yes, got my goat up, when I saw the war draw! But the above suggestion is pretty darn fine! This would bring a quite a few journeymen out of the top leagues propping up their trophy count in an alliance with many blessings. Seem to get mainly attacked by players from leagues above and many thousands of trophies more. Your idea would stop that happening (unless I made it to the big time). Gets my vote!! :slight_smile:  

I’m not suggesting that players completely stop being matched with the same players they are currently (based upon level and trophies), because more often than not that provides good competition. Also, if you were exclusively matched with players from your league it could muck around with a whole bunch of things, including trophy rankings globally and some players could easily get stuck with only weak competition or too difficult competition.

But I think creating that 3rd data point that adds some inter-league play would help to even out the experience for a lot of players.

every day that passes this game stinks more and more, now we are at the levels of a sewer. It is absurd that in every raid I have to face an odyssey in lvl 10 and I think there are many in my situation. I do not think that the developers will do anything to make the game more playable as they have done a lot of hard work and are enthusiastic about this filth, the advice I can give you is not to spend a penny and to tell the members of their alliances because if the developers only care about the players of the top 10 alliances then if they did pay them their salary and not from us

Counterpoint: level 10 odyssey’s are currently easier than they’ve ever been!

counter-counterpoint: “easier than they’ve ever been =/= easy” 

crossing the Mediterranean by swimming is easier than going through the Pacific Ocean to swim … but it does not mean it is easy or feasible

I’m a pretty good swimmer I guess.


You know what was nice, though? The old forging system allowed you to make the gear that allowed you to compete at the highest levels of the game. The process wasn’t very clear, and it required a time and resource investment (but the new forge system is worse in that regard), but you could craft your hero to take on any challenge. AND IT WAS FUN!

It’s too bad they couldn’t figure out a way to let that great forging system survive. I think they just didn’t look hard enough. They could have made it transparent to all and given every one the ability to meet any challenge if they were willing to put the time in.

Not any more. You’re right. The current forge system doesn’t let newer players even try to catch up with older players. They took away the one great equalizer.



before you go and say “well, only max level players could take advantage of the old forging system” it’s a flat out lie. It’s not true at all. The beauty of the old forging system is that every single well-forged item you make allows you to make the next item better. Nothing was useless. Even if you messed up at some point and the item didnt turn out the way you projected, you could use it to make another item better. And as long as you didn’t go all the way to 5* titan with the items you wanted to use for a while, you could make them last for 5 or 10 levels, maybe more. All you needed to do was forge up a really great burner item to give them one more star, and BAM they were good again.

It was the best. They just didn’t tell anyone how to use it. The cone of silence screwed everyone.

Totally agree, the old forging was great and available to all, it gave incentives to try and make great kit that allowed you to compete.

Currently there is nothing to hold my interest, I’ve tried the new refining system and dismissed it as an expensive waste of time. 

They seem to not understand how important the old forging was.