Difficulty of the game


Yesterday we released a new version of Olympus Rising which also introduced some additional balancing changes.

Some of you reported that the game is too hard now and we would like to have a more precise overview of the situation.

It would be great if you could share your feedback with us.

If you have the feeling the game is too hard, please share here:

  • Your ingame name
  • Your level
  • Name and level of your hard opponents
  • Any additional comment such as Alliance level, Blessings enabled, etc.

This will really help us to improve the balance of the game.

Thank you for your time and help.

I haven’t being attacking much as I need to use invocations pretty much every fight now. 

Hey BloodRain,

Could you give us a few names and levels of your opponents, against whom you need to use invocations during the fights?

Thank you!

i personally think the game is not to hard, the only thing is that you get +30 lvl in your map those are not easy to beat and rip those guys off till they got nothing left or less then me and now im am not attacking so i dont lose trophies that fast the rest is dropping and im climbimg in rank with the same amount of trophies, sad thing is if i go attack i start losing a lot more trophies then i win over a whole day.

and yes its hard for lower lvls but what do they expect they can easy beat 15+ higher lvls if they can do that the whole game is ruined again like before, but if they beat it, they get a bigger trophy reward, but if they lose they dont lose a lot. and im agree that its not normal to get to much +15 higher lvls in our maps and not less lower who we can beat for only 1 to 3 trophies.

Hey guys,

would be nice having some more detailed information, like names of opponents and levels.

It would greatly help us :grinning:

I cant think of any names (because I am not playing right now and I don’t keep track), however, the game is extremely difficult to beat right now.  I am ascension level 54 and I have difficulty beating ANYONE without invocations.  Even when I am able to beat a few people here and there without invocations (very few like 3 in last 2 days) I only have like 10 secs left).  I regrettably have spent $700+ on this game…VERY REGRETTABLY, 200 just recently (after updates) just trying to get back to where the game is bearable to play.

I am currently trying to beat the Hydra islands because I just unlocked them and thus far I have lost 3 times with a level 17 and 18 Hercules.  I spent ~1,500 gems just to upgrade Hercules to try and beat Hydra.  I used gems like candy trying to beat the lowest level hydra island and get beaten brutally.  My game name is SGTWHODEY.

This is ridiculous in my opinion.  Also, just an FYI the game has crashed ~8 times since the update too.


ING CrAzYCMM lvl 73


lvl 93 rimshotkorsakov 

lvl 93 ragde( just beat him off my map)

lvl 91 fasalonius

lvl 87 stevsterk 51

lvl 82 Ernie Dragool

lvl 82 Inelutzu

lvl 81 Petrolicos

and 4 people lvl 77 75 75 75

yesterday lvl 101 Garpel ad lvl 102 xxPoisedonxx 

but not attacking so much these will stick on my map for a while!              

Thanks for the information, appreciated :slight_smile:

You need to increase the dominance limit, it’s been maxed out for weeks and i can’t clear four quest because the reward is dominance. Also, I can attack all day which i did right after the fix gained over 300+ cups and losed all of them over night and more. My alliance is constantly telling me buffs are down and we maintain buffs 24/7. If we maintain constant buffs leave them on, i don’t want to hear your a + b = c reasoning either, you pay there on you don’t there not. What’s the point of attacking if your maxed out defence can’t stop anyone, you don’t gain anything by attacking. Next, you have three players that are level 30 and 20 rank 1,2 and 3. Why can’t I attack them, if they are able to be there we should be able to attack them. This match making is nuts!!! Make it trophy based, its the only way and forget all this complicated a b c crap. Simple should be flaregames new mantra!!!


Lvl 30+

Medusa islands lvl 19-20

Minotaur islands 20-23

This is my info. And I can’t touch on anymore subject that haven’t been addressed already since update. 

Tired of wasting my $. Now I have to spend more ? to just even upgrade.  Lack of resources now to acquire on islands, cause you can’t defend your islands that Was conquered by you.  Now it’s for anyone to get. 


Hey there,

Thank you for the additional information, keep it coming this way  :slight_smile:

I think you should also include the alliance-level and/or the amount of  boosts to the matchmaker. I have a few opponents who share the same player level with me but their allies are much  stronger and so they have boosts 24/7. The players would be beatable but not with the boosts on.


Edit: most of them have multiple boosts activated.

Good idea, additional info is always welcome!

I’ll put it like this, I’m not losing trophys on defense anymore which is awesome, but I can see myself gaining a lot more that way then I would if I try and attack and lose more than I would gain. Lose 8 for 2 key, gain 3 for win. Seems like every fight is a big gamble, like I’m taking on a bad bet. Invocations are needed most the time. my own defense is very strong, unbeatable without cheating. But I have boosts so it should be right?

The thing that stands out the most to me is Minator dash does Huge damage… More than any of my best towers. Might want to take a look at that

Blood Rain NZ level 65

I just fought ChiangEarl level 57 (wow someone lower) with Persues Died several times and lost the fight. Heroes just to weak now.

Jenny7.0 lvl 71

joeworld lvl 73

kriminal lvl 78

petrolicos lvl 81

but everybody is pretty much really tough now the Warriors I used on attacked got nerfed again. Just can’t summon enough minotaurs or medusas to win, other troops all to weak. It doesn’t even matter if bases are unboosted I’m still struggling.

everyfight cost gems now to win. When did it become pay to play?

I want to fight peopl around my ranking. Why are there still level 20s 30s and 40s in top 10? 2 weeks and matchmaking is still really horrible.


I’m about 50/50 on this 

thing is players are spending $ to activate full blessings, it should cost gems for the attacker to beat them. It is costing a lot more than before to get through their bases.

the difficulty did spike on unblessed bases also, seems I have to use an invocation or two to get through some of them

had to rethink stratedgies and skills when going in for an attack 

only issue I have is being matched up with players 25+ levels ahead of me, extremely low if not zero chance of me winning if they are blessed and still a low chance if unblessed. Even most of the level 85+ are an difficult challenge

they could probably bump back up the warrior hp and it would help a little. Spearman are squishy and it costs to much and takes to long to bring in a good amount of minotaurs/cyclops/medusa/etc to be effective

Seems FG kind of switched back to a defensive mindset a little, rewarding you some for a strong defense

Attacks on me did slow down a lot, and most players on map are not worth the risk for 3 trophies. Game is slow

Hey Detri,

Could you list a few of your hard opponents as well as their level please?

Would be highly appreciated!

Definitely spend way more gems after the update and not being able to beat anyone. I have way higher level opponents and opponents that are the same level as me are mostly fully boosted. I’m also losing trophies when I’m fully boosted, and once the game crashes when I’m in the middle of the fight resulting in trophy loses. 

Name: Arira (Level 54)

  • Name and level of your hard opponents  (Example: OdintheGreatest level 68, PerroMalo level 67, Llamp level 61, Unbijou level 60)

The rest are opponents that are the same level but fully granted with divine blessings. Opponents like the above that are way higher level and requires invocations to defeat them gave out just 3 trophies. 

Honestly this game used to be fun, for me it have been a great entertainment to pass time. Personally, I don’t mind spending a lot on games and have been spending a lot not only on Olympus Rising but many other games as long as they provide back value in return (etc enjoyable). But this would be the first game where the more I spend, the more dissatisfied and frustrated I would be. 

I might as well spend my money on slots machines in Vegas for the amount of value given in return

I find that the matchmaking is better than last version. You can battle against opponent near your level, and it is great, even if the difficulty has slightly increased.

The annoying point is more that the best islands are taken by unbeatable players, so you can’t take the risk to leave these islands to attack low account. Moreover, gold loot was decreased, so this not encourage attacks. So finally now I just make 2-3 attacks a day against 5-10 attacks before the update.


Here it is my list of opponents, by order of difficulty (What I think) :


Beatable without gems

Darthmaul82  46 : island 46a 2dom

neosapic 50 : island 680w 13dom

nelsonnie 53 : island 65,000g 15dom

Beatable with gems

I AM Bruce Wayne (blessed) 53 : island 13,500g 6dom

the chempion_ws 53 (blessed) : island 38,000g  10dom

Jadic (blessed) 45 : island 230a 17dom

kjp (blessed) 49 : island 43,000g 11dom

::Wenom:: (blessed) 50 : island 29,000g 9dom


DedoNervoso (blessed) 47 : island 130a 8dom


So seems fair, but in reality I cant afford to move my hero to snipe one target and get back to my best island. So I don’t attack very much, only when Im full of ambrosia, try to find 2 targets near each other.


I would like to have more opponents that appears with time. On my 40 islands discovered, only 9 are taken, so Detri is right, the game is very slow, lacking of target. the game need to be tweaked to reduce attack loot, but to increase capacity to attack.


That’s my feedback :grinning:

Detri - lvl 75



Ragde - 93

vanessanew - 92

fasalonius - 91

garpel - 101

jttn - 101

andyku - 103

gorseval - 89

xxpoisedonxx - 102

rimshotkorsakov - 93


these are the ones that are on my map now, was able to clear a few others