Diminishing Loot Levels ?

Before the update is was easy to find bases offering loot that was 100k and higher, now it seems like even that is rare, Nearly all the bases i see whether in match making or in leaderboards are BELOW 100k, ex. 16k - 32k - 56k - 88k - and even 6k.


Now why is that ?




I’m i the only one noticing and experiencing this ?

The amount of gold offered to you by someone’s base is dependent on many factors. RR2 takes into account your king level, your opponent’s king level, your opponent’s difficulty of his base (although I’m not sure how that is calculated), and the level of your opponent’s towers. Other factors may also play a role, but I don’t know off the top of my head of any obvious ones. Also, if your opponents don’t have much gold in their accounts, you simply can’t really steal from them. The time of day also affects the success of your raiding; the best time to raid is in the early morning, when people’s taverns are full, because you can steal from taverns. Keep in mind that people live in different time zones, so there are several different “morning” raiding periods you can take advantage of. :slight_smile:


And sometimes you just have bad luck; I’ve gone through dry periods where no one has more than 20k. :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy raiding! :slight_smile:

Assuming you are in a “normal” time zone (meaning a time zone where there are a good amount of people besides you), your morning should be the same as the mornings for a decent amount of people. And if you look up the time zones of the alliance flags, you can find a few other good times for raiding. For example, England’s time zone is 0:00 GMT and Vietnam’s time zone is 7:00 GMT. Some people’s time zones simply may not work for you, and personally I think the whole time zone method is too much work to be worth it, but it is a method for maximizing your raiding successes. I’m in the US, so for me there’s generally enough people early in the morning to make mornings work pretty well for me.

general tips aside, I can tell you I haven’t seen any noticeable change in loot offered since the last update; but its possible one of these patches has included a tweak to available gold around your trophy tier.  I wouldn’t be the first time only specific segments of the leaderboard have had their loot amounts tinkered with…

One thing that might affect you very shortly are server maintenances and updates in general… so far I’ve read a few times that right after updates available loot can be quite low, but restores after a while.

Do these problems still occur for you now?

I’m seeing the same thing the past few days. I’m having to put a lot of effort in to find bases worth even 200k. Before the most recent update (the one that turned elite boosts back on), I could find 300k+ bases fairly easily.

It feels really broken right now. Hard but beatable bases in the 300-400 medal range are only giving 100k-170k in loot. It will go up to around 250k for the 600-700 medal bases (which are flat out impossible without scrolling). The matchmaker also never gives me players above my trophy level anymore – only ones in a range of about 100-300 trophies below my current level.

I hope this isn’t the new normal, because grinding out the gold for high level upgrades is pretty unpleasant now.

I’m wondering if this is to offset easier raiding due to elite boosts now or something? Like if your alliance has active boosts (which mine does) then you get a loot penalty for not raiding other boosted players? I’m not sure because I can’t find anyone who’s boosted in my trophy range.

The other thing I noticed is that since recently joining a top alliance, the matchmaker seems convinced that I should only be fighting players that are ridiculously strong (in my trophy range that means all the 4k+ players who trophy dumped) and therefore only cherry-picks those players for me – sometimes offering me the same players repeatedly. I have to manually find opponents from the leaderboard now to end up with a reasonable chance of victory.

I’m actually wishing this update never happened. I was having a lot of fun the past few weeks, and even bought more gems because of it. Now it just feels like a grind again.

In the past, I noticed this phenomena several times. Most times it happened directly after using a gold shield. Before the gold shield I was getting 150k+ easily, as soon as the gold shield was gone, several days the loot was much lower as before.


It sounds crazy, but the remedie was attacking only one or two opponents a day for about a week. Backdraw of this strategy is falling down to lower tournaments.  


Another possible reason is attacking favorites too much. My trophy range was going up too fast, while theirs were staying stable. Once the gap becomes too large, favorites offer much less loot.


After using a gold shield, even Match making opponents offer less loot. I didn’t use the gold shield for a couple of weeks now and loot seems to increase slowly.


I even try to avoid using the three hours shield since I expect some similar effect. I only use it when I have almost enough loot for performing a major improvement and just need a few 100k more.

So basically if a player spend hours, days, months building up their kingdom at some stage RR2 decides that now that player has to put in more time by literally making it practically impossible to find raids of any worthy value? That’s just great, as if the fact that they keep raising the max level on the defenses and offenses isn’t enough. And what would be the point of the alliance boost if in the end it is countered with this ploy? Perhaps that is why players are now challenged to find proper matches with proper rewards, maybe the alliance boost was working better for the players than RR2 intended.


The cost of many of my upgradest have reached the $6m range and up, a good bit of them in the $9m range, this is not the time to put a downgrade on looting quantities. 


RR2 doesn’t need to fix the game with the proverbial slight of hand tricks to keep the players playing especially because it is blatantly obvious that we are being duped, adding more levels to the game is good enough. I get frustrated every time I am trying to max out an upgrade only to see the max level has been increased, but sure enough I am still willing and determined to max it out. 


RR2 stop pissing with the looting & match making, keep it fair, if you want to make it harder or keep our interest longer then add more challenges to the game.

I understand what you say but the lowered loots are a fact. I think that we should seek for other ways to get what we want rather than waiting for a “big loots” coming back!..for example using of alliances synergies or partecipate on fb good loots groups where players post ever hours name of high loot base would bring a loot of gold…and so on…  :grinning:

For the other ideas i.e. “more challenges to the game”…please, write your ideas on the Suggestion topic!  :slight_smile:

i haven’t seen loot change after last server update too. maybe you have attacked a lot of open base, some had higher trophy than your. so you should win some and loose some. keep your trophy don’t raise to much. ==> never have lower loot ^^

 loot is for few days verry low . i cant barely get 2.5 mil to upgrade farm. need hours of searching and found nothing . i rarely get a base wich offers more then 100-150 k and verry rarely there is a base with good loot but if you dont have hours of time you cant find loots higher then 100-150. this is realy bad. i see that with every gold boos percentage the Alliance gets the loot i get is getting lower. its not fun anymore . i know flare want us to use gems to protect gold but this is ridiculaus. realy bad . so flate start fixing this stuff and do something for your money cause this is the next fail in a line of many .

above 300+k are much harder to find on the first 3 raids. the average loot is around 200.

after that 3-4 raids the average falls to ~120k.

after 8-10 raids or so the averages become so shitty that i don’t even bother and exit the game :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that Flare tried to balance loots after giving a substantial gold bonus for the alliance members. So we’re back to square one!

Anyway, as long as this is for everyone I don’t care. But if this is done only to specific tiers then it’s unfair.

loot is even worse i can barely get 100k from a base anymore . flare fix this . this is goin on for some time now . so gett off your asses and do something cause this is just getting worse every day . redo you formulas or so . this is not playable anymore if you dont spent real money .

I notice loot dropdown again, a few weeks ago I climbed up to 3100+ trophy range and currently my trophy range is steady around that same range. I didn’t use a gold shield for a while, so that can’t be the reason.


Before I easily got a lot of loot from players within trophy starting from range 2500 and up, now only in rare situations a player with trophy range 2900 or less gives even more than 100k, even when their hero level is much higher than mine and base much stronger. I literally have to attack players that are way stronger than I am, so as a side effect, I get counter attacked a lot, but most of the time I get even more trophies that way, making it even harder to find players with normal loot.


Trophy range must be some part of calculation I guess. In the past the only option was using match making system a lot and fighting suicidal battles against much stronger opponents for a while to get the loot normal. At that time my trophy range dropped around 300 and loot stabalized back to normal loot.


I assume that’s the reason why a lot of players did/do on trophy dumping by weakening their base, they not only drop trophies this way, they lose battles on purpose to get much lower on the leader board.  That’s a strategy I definitely refuse. I will go on for an experiment and attack much stronger players once again. Let’s see if loot is getting back to normal once again I lose a lot of fights during a couple of days and as a side effect lose some trophies.

I think what you guys are seeing is the game calculating you as a stronger player now via upgrades to your base and telling you to go up a little in the trophy leader boards. If you fail a few raids here and there the game then will start to slowly realize you aren’t strong enough and let you farm the lower trophy players again. It is a huge complex system that learns roughly how strong you are over past wins and losses and base strength


You are right Jason. I raised my trophies the last few days and loots are getting better here. However, being around top 500 for me  requires that i have to scroll much more often, something that I almost never do while hanging around the top 1000 rankings. It’s a hard dilemma though,…

thats not entirely true . even if i look for better players . i have around 3100 trophys . even if i look for higher like 4000-4500 range loot is low . even worse if i look at top 10 most players give only 200k maybe 1 or 2 give more sometimes but they are way too hard for me anyways . so there must be something wrong realy. and like i said attacking top 10  players is just way too hard for normal players even with using scrolls . they realy need to change that . cause now the whole game is more based using more and more gems if you wanna do something and that is just bad. fun is going away fast and i am not the only one who feels so.

Is because of your throneroom tower. It is’t maxed. So you can’t see maxed loot by high rang player.