Disappearing Invites

Who thought it would be a great idea for invites to disappear a few short hours after you receive them?

Picking an alliance isn’t a spur of the moment decision. Sometimes people like to take a little time to weigh their options. Thanks so much Flare for no longer giving people the opportunity to do that. With so many alliances on Invite Only, you’ve really given people another really good reason to stop playing.

A sorry to alliances where I simply never had the chance to accept or to refuse your invite. Don’t blame me. It’s FLARE.



If we’re not gonna blame you, then there really is no need to apologize on flaregames’ behalf, let them apologize to those alliances

I don’t think Invites disappear I’ve had players accept an invite like a week later!

You can only keep 5 invites. So on the 6th the oldest is deleted.

Oh!  So that!  :slight_smile: