Disappointing Cursed Uniques

Hi @Infamous and @CaptainMorgan Just some feedback on Cursed Uniques from me and my alliance - that I think really needs fixing.

All 6 of my alliance members who have gone to the trouble to do this have had VERY disappointing results - basically duplicate items or items worse than they already have.

Now, as you know, it costs a lot - 10m Gold, a 5* unique (not cheap to make) and the difficulty of completing a not easy quest, to do this.  None of us have a problem with this difficulty IF you got something worthwhile for it -but you don’t.

It is very disillusioning to have the promise of an item of “incalculable value” and be rewarded with something that is basically “meh” (or worse)

So I am asking that when someone goes to the trouble to put a unique through the Cursed Chest process that the developers make an effort to return something that is “unique” to the player involved - and with reasonable stats - I don’t think that’s too much to ask?

Because currently the process just pisses your game players off - which doesn;t seem smart to me

I think the quality of unique items was greatly reduced when the devs greatly increased the chances of finding uniques (by request, mind you). Which makes sense when you think about it, but it also makes uniques a lot less special. 

Like 4 people in my alliance have found apples of discord in the past few weeks, and they all have such low stats that you need to really wonder if they’re useful or not. The Apple used to be super rare and powerful. Some of those old ones have crazy stats.

i liked the old system where uniques were rare and special. 

@dumpster Yes that’s a thing too… BUT - it’s actually not my point so is off topic.  My point is that if you put a unique into the cursed process it’s because you feel it’s not useful - so it would be helpful if the Curse process took this into account - but a slightly higher buff would also be a plus.

Sometimes I feel the devs worry way too much about game “balance” and not enough about rewarding the serious players for effort expended

I agree with you my friend,Two weeks ago I found “Asterion” in a cursed unique chest and I am not happy with its stats,I am only getting 20% stun chance from it.It is a mistake I wonder or a bug? because I have forged some dual swords to One  ? Titan and they are giving me about 25% -30% stun chance which makes me wonder why a unique item is so weak in comparison to my forged items???

@CaptainMorgan it is possible or have you made unique items powerless but anyways I am loving Ariande new colorset ??? that I unlocked with Asterion now I have more customization options.

I definitely agree that the cursing should give a new unique and not a dupe (said it many times before). It is simply illogical to have something deemed “unique” when it is not. As for the number of uniques and their power, I cant see why cant we get something that would greately boost the stats of our uniques. For instance, there can be something along the lines of the “divine blood”, an item which is exceptionally rare (0.05% chance or lower?). The sole purpose of such item would be to be sacrificed in order to forge a unique of our choosing, doubling or tripling its value (so it is even stronger than the best forged item possible). This would reintroduce the rarity in the equation and would furthermore add a strategic layer to the issue. Would it be better to enhance mirror shield or nemean claws? Or, maybe, the apple would be the thing? Such considerations would definitely make the endgame a bit more interesting. Obviously any unique can be fused with such item one time only.

I think the cursed unique chest works as advertised, but it really highlights how lousy most uniques are right now. 

@MarcusozInception @Infamous @dumpster @HOLYDIVINE

So for example I have Asterion, Madness of Ajax and Nemesis as uniques. If I curse Asterion, I will not get Asterion after finishing the related quest correct? But is it possible that I will get a Madness of Ajax or Nemesis again or is this also nulled right now? Which means there would be ZERO chance at all at having duplicated unique items?

It seems like you could even get Asrerion again.

Well f***.

It’s not supposed to work that way, but there have been many reports

Yeah true,If I am not wrong @Infamous got Neaman claw for Cursing Neamen claw and @Neptune found Dragon scale from a cursed unique chest that he got from cursing Dragon scale in the first place.

My advice @Sharknado only curse an unuque item if it us duplicate otherwise chances are that you may end up getting same cursed item that you have found already.

My last three unique items were Achilles’s unique armor so I only converted two of them and found two other new Unique items.So I happy about my findngs but sadly other players are not so fortunate.

Yeah, I don’t have any duplicated unique, and I will never have one. :wink:

Then don’t curse your Titan item it will be a huge waste of resources and it is a gamble my friend instead you can opt for enhancing your previous unique items after every five or six Ascenion level or better near end game to make them strong or convert them into cursed unique chests(if you are nit happy with them). but it is still a gamble as chances are you might end up finding weak or useless unique item.

I have now had two uniques that went through the cursed process to produce duplicates of what I already had - so I am never going to bother again - it’s just too costly for a negative return - and my entire alliance has the same experience and, sorry @dumpster but to say “I think the cursed unique chest works as advertised” makes you sound like a paid apologist (lol)- I simply don’t know how you could claim that this is true with a straight face when the advertising clearly says it will transform into something of “incalculable vale”

It’s a waste of time - if the devs want it to be used they need to reconsider how it works

I concur.

I concur concur.

I still think the issue is that the current run of unique items are all dramatically underpowered, and it has very little to do with how cursed chests work.

i also think that you, personally, led the charge to get unique item drop rates increased, which the devs did, and in exchange they nerfed the crap out of the items to balance the game. So there’s that. 

But if the problem is the “flavor text” of the cursed chest thing, they could change it to say that the chest transforms the item into something else that’s “rather common and underwhelming”

Dumpster ,I think you are a missing a point @MarcusozInception is saying that it is a pain and disheartening to see the same unique item that you curse and find that same one in the cursed unique chest and I believe @Infamous and @Neptune knows it too well.

First of all the amonut of gold required and the requirement of five star titan item to curse the chest and then not to mention the Goliath’s task of conquering 500 islands or acquiring 500 fame points in odyssey’s(well it will take two weeks no matter even if player does 10 skull ???) or To score 100k score in alliance war again two weeks task but not to mention if there is a two weeks break then yeah three weeks to complete this task.

Or simply use 1000 gems to open the chest(I don’t like that cost at all,Too expensive ???)

This isn’t rant about the tasks @CaptainMorgan I am okay with them,infact I like doing them but don’t you think it is wrong and unfair if Player ends up getting same unique item that he or she used in the first place.Just imagine the time and effort it takes to start and complete such task only to find Dragon scale for Dragon scale from the cursed unique  chest.

I hope you will do something about it in some future update.

I really love unique items despite the fact they may be nerfed in power ??? because before Patch 3.9 I never found a single unique item but after that I found four not to mention three of them were Achilles’s unique armor but I Cursed them and Got lucky as I found Asterion qnd Dragon scale from two of those duplicate unique item.

I can’t say the same for poor Neptune who raided 500 islands in a week only to find Dragon scale for A dragon scale???.

@CaptainMorgan Please can’t you introduce any system that keeps a record of player’s unique items that they have found so far in the game . So as to avoid duplicate unique items from a cursed unique chest.

It is really bad and painful.

That’s a bug and it’s been acknowledged as a bug. You’re not supposed to be able to reforge the same unique. You CAN reforge a duplicate of a different unique you may own, however. I think that’s what happened to marcusoz. He got something different from the item he cursed, but it was still a duplicate of something he owned. It’s annoying, but I think it’s a byproduct of uniques being not at all uncommon any more.