Disappointing divine chest !

Hello, just a little story a litlle bit frustrating.

Yesterday afternoon, by a beautiful spring day, while I did not expect it ,the game gave me a free Divine Chest. Great ! I felt the hapiness over me. So I have checked my Abrosia stock : 200/550, this was perfect, with a bit of luck I would be abble to figth 2-3 opponents more. So I opened the  chest and it was a full chest of Ambrosia (first was 186 ambrosia (divine) ). I did not realize instantly, but in facts I won more than 500 ambrosia ! Grrrr … Ambrosia is so rare and so crucial, that I don’t  like losing a single drop of it ! I was angry and frustrated because of divine chest. 

To avoid this feeling, the chest rewards should be stacked somewhere waiting free space.