Hello everybody,

I would like to talk about my situation … I accidentally spent 1,600 gems skipping the waiting time for forging a spike, I requested assistance flaregames (for the first time), hoping he could understand my unwell after taking a error similar, hoping that once established my good intentions they could refund me the gems used … Well after days of waiting, they said they would refund me a tot. of gems, not the total because they are not authorized to do so … They can only give a maximum of 500 gems to similar situations, in my case it is only around 30%, it is definitely not enough … But I’m a level 107 , for a long time in the top 1,000+ … I know of players in which the entire amount spent was reimbursed …

the flaregames is riding the situation and we miss continuously respect!


*remove this*

be careful of the hackers :warning:

You are lucky, I lost 1500gems for forging of knights and never got any.

Lost around 2000 gems my accidently clicking inventory slots. 

Nothing for me from FG.

lucky? No man, the flaregames give ever at all, all gems used for this situations ((ONLY FOR FIRST TIME))…


This is not normal! Any One must explain why there isn’t confirm selection! OK I accidentally tap on waiting time button. I MUST have a security confirm. Are a LOT of gems. 1600 gems = almost 9 PLATINIUM LEAUGUE. Is this a joke? 

FlareGames must set a confirmation question. And give back all this wasted gems.

Hackers don’t ask with support.


thank you Luigi

is really ridiculous an similiar situation…

i play more at this game, and i won all my gems, i am very frustated now… we need confirm tast for this operations, and i need back all my gems, because i m not an hacker or cheater…

Respect for all players of Royal Revolt 2


There are many info about him on his screens so he has to be careful

Oh, i understand your reaaons. But i’m sure flaregames will help us against hackers.  :rolleyes::unsure:

There is a saying: It will not help the Sheep to unanimously vote for vegetarianism, as long as the Wolf still holds an opposite opinion.

Accidental tapping of gems waste is a huge cash income for Flaregames. Please note this option is always in the most convenient place and colored green.

Over the time, I myself have lost a total of more than 2,000 by those erratic taps for useless "finish upgrade"s.

No this will not be changed by Flaregames. If you get anything back from Flares, consider yourself lucky.