Disconnect vs Game crash

Hi guys,

For us it is important to know if you experience a disconnect or a game crash. There is a difference between the two, but the terms are used equally when in fact they are different.

That’s why I thought I quickly explain the difference :slight_smile:

Game crash:

That is the ultimate shock for every game developer. When the game crashes the app/game closes and you are being taken back to your homescreen/windows start screen. The game does not try to connect to the server again.


Still a severe issue, but not as deadly as the game crash. When the game disconnects, it takes you back automatically to the loading screen and ultimately back into the game.

If you want to be a true bug hero follow the rules at the top of the bug forum when opening a thread in this section (because we lovvvvveee it and  unicorns will appear and be dancing in the sunset, also  chocolate fountains for everybody)  ?

Thanks for your attention reading this!

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