Disconnected after each battle

Last few days every time I complete a battle the game disconnects me. When it reconnects it resets like the battle never happened. 

Also if I try to place a viking in my defenses it disconnects me, but not if I place any other type of unit. 

I’m on a galaxy s5, straight talk, with android. I have tried turning my phone off, updating my game, updating my play store, deleting the game and redownloading, and nothing has stopped it from disconnecting me. Played for a long time with no issues. It started when I tried my second battle in the most recent ninja event a few days ago.

Also I had right around that time purchased a construction package to fully upgrade my wizards tower, and my troop academy, as well as receive some gems or chests. Something along those lines. Hopefully this can be figured out quickly. My alliance is in a fours company right now and I’d very much like to participate.

My in game name is ninja danger.


Hey Ninjadanger117,

Thanks for reporting this issue. We will look into it. What is your in-game name?

Any luck? I updated the information in the original post. But again, my in game name is ninja danger. You can find me in the alliance Defender o. t. Crown.