Disconnection - too long playing

Hello everyone,

This is the first time for me that the game disconnects me because it’s been too long since I play …  :o

The disconnect takes me back to the home screen and tells me it’s time to take a break. Come back later … :blink:

WHAT? I’m in a conquest, yes I play for a long time but it’s not a reason to disconnect …

Does anyone know how long this break will last?

Thanks !


Yes I know this problem too.
Sometimes a restart of device after 5‘ helps

Hi @karit

thank you for your answer. I see that i can reconnect me on the game now :slight_smile:



the answer is here :

You will be disconnected after 3 hours of gameplay and must wait 15 minutes

This feature is for prevent player to abuse of be online 24/7. You need to be offline for allow someone to attack you

PS : if like majority you are 3 hours in the game because of the chat. You can use some app that will help you communicate with your alliance offline the game : Whats app, Line app,Facebook group with messenger,discord,etc…