Disconnection when opening titan chest


Since the update which took place on the 15th january, opening a titan chest using a titan code leads to a disconnection.

Multiple people have reported this issue, on Android, iOS and Windows.

Please kindly look into the problem.

Cheers :slight_smile:

I assume you have done the ticket submission at this point? Just checking, seems like this is the fastest way to communicate things given that Morgan is probably busy with the update prep

I have that problem too. How do i solve it?

Contact FG tech support via this link: https://flaregames.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/categories/200831829-Olympus-Rising and see what they say. You will probably have to wait a bit for the hot-fix, but the more tickets come that way the sooner the issue will be adressed

@Infamous wow new fg copy cat has come about the epitome of uselessness that can be is to refer someone to know nothing useless support lol truly stereotype bs ?

If you have a better suggestion, feel free to share it with everyone. Else let’s stay on topic and use a general discussion thread to exchange views on problem-solving within the context of OR.

P.S. Support is useful if you know how to ticket properly, which is apparently not a common skill nowadays. Even if they are unable to fix the thing, they will make sure it gets to the appropriate dev division and is adequately addressed there.

P.S.S. I am not an FG employee at all, thus using the term FG in reference to me is not entirely correct.

I have the same problem, this occurs when I released the titan chests with code after the upgrade, because I opened a chest before it was already released and it was normal. 

2018-01-15-22-02-32 by Game Genie.mp4

To be fair, depending on whether “FG copy cat” was meant as “a copy cat from FG” or rather "a copy cat that copies ‘typical FG behavior’ ", usage of the term as such could actually be correct.

Having said that, though, I certainly agree pointing someone to support is better than insulting without own suggestions… and especially player mods simply cannot magically resolve a game bug on their own, we can only point you to support, try to bring the issue to the attention of FG representatives like @CaptainMorgan or @flaretara and try to collect more details about the issue if known.

Mindlessly flaming and insulting voluntary player mods (or anyone else) is certainly not helpful @K7moda, neither for solving the problem, nor for finding anyone “guilty” or responsible for the issue. I think we’ve all had our fair share of experience or heard stories of poor handling of individual support cases every now and then, but still, flaming doesn’t help us here… and support, most often, is at least trying to help.

Trying to help being key words they literally can not help xD only solution is get devs attentions point blank. Support does not have connection with devs. So useless fg policy bs again making our lifes harder irritates me

Whatever… see, I am aware the situation is not ideal, but I doubt that quoting me and ranting to me about FG support is any more useful than the support is… in other words, your own complaints to me are certainly more useless than FG support - and going by your posts, I assume that predicate means a lot to you, so think about that for a moment, thx. :grinning:

And now stop derailing the topic please.

Believe it or not, but pretty much the first thing I did was asking the devs in the appropriate place, pinging not only the ones Florian did, but also oisia and Chris (just in case). So the efforts to make them aware has been made, if that helps. All we can do now is indeed submit tickets (In case they ask that, they do sometimes to replicate the problem) and wait.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We are working on it.

We have found the issue and will deploy a fix, hopefully within a couple of hours.

This should now be fixed.

Congrants captain morgan

I am still having the same problem.  Have submitted a support ticket.

Seems to be working now.  Thanks.

I am still having this issue on the latest version. Every time I hit “break curse”, the connection is lost and the game resets, chest remains shut.


@CaptainMorgan  I got the Titan cursed chest yesterday and the task was to gain 22k ambrosia … I played whole day a collected it in just 2 days now when I try to open up the chest the game reconnects automatically… ??

Here is the link i made a video… 





Thanks for bringing this to us. We are looking into the problem.