Disconnections bug after v5.2.1 Update

Occasionally happens, not a severe bug, happened today after game’s updated

  1. First log in, when trying to get daily chest by watching ads -> disconnected, game restarted -> repeat trying then I get the chest.
  2. When I was donating instas, at the same time my daily guardian chest ready to be taken (<-the cause) -> disconnected, game restarted. No insta lost, still successfully donated, so I continued the insta donation.
    That’s all, hope I won’t find more new bugs.

The bug’s getting worse.
Today: trying to watch video ads for daily chest -> game crashed (auto-close).
Clearing cache doesn’t help.

Hi Dedemyth,
Thanks, what’s your user name and system?

My problem (1st thread) seems not occurring anymore, probably fixed after phone memory freed up, ‘just a coincidence’ bug.
But that 2nd (thread) auto-close-apps problem still persist. Complaints from my 2 friends. They are still using Android Jellybean (v4.2?). Is that the cause, video ads bug happens only at old android version?