Disconnects happening a lot!

Hi, I’m suddenly getting lots of disconnects, the game just closes and goes back to the loading screen.
Just had it 4 times in half an hour! Plus the odd time over the last few days.
It’s not my broadband connection as I’m using it/checking on my other phone.
Just flagging it.
Android, Huawei mate 9, fibre broadband.

The game sometimes require a higher or more reliable internet. It doesn’t matter if you other phone/device is still working. You should try OR on that to be sure, if that’s the reason.

This can happen a lot, try restarting the game (not out and in - just completely stop it from the backround), then also try restarting your phone, and finally restart the router/modem at your situated area.

I do all of that all of the time!
It’s just being very flakey.

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