I attacked 2 times player Franks Reich1. both times i when i destroyed gates, automaticaly got disconnect from the game and lost trophies ? Is this a bug? Attacked player is in Drachen Orden guild. My ingame name LietuviS8

Not much we can do about it, here are some raids from this afternoon, looks like they want to keep losing more players due to disconnects since they are unable to fix it.



oh i see you also hiting RL players, i am hitting them too :))) some of them should be very angry on me because of me they loose lot of trophies lol


And now about the discconects yes this is nonses. Flare have to fix it. Also i just try your base, 3 times, all lost but now i know how to defeat your base. As you see i use less army but when i find the way just spells and go for it :slight_smile: