Caro Flare, molti giocatori hanno disconnessioni diverse durante gli attacchi di guerra. Con la guerra è arrivato il tempo e il denaro speso su di loro per la durata della guerra, mi sento per attaccare e trovare teschi nelle casse non è affatto bello vedere poi la disconnessione. Una brutta guerra a causa del tuo server. Propongo di coraggio alleanze il primo posto in guerra e 500 gemme per ogni giocatore coinvolto in guerra. Spero che il problema con il tuo server verrà risolto il prima possibile. Grazie

Ich habe auch das selebe Problem!

Was ist los wieder Flare game?

Immer wieder bugssssss!

if you speak italian flare can’t read you.

It’s not even correctly written in italian. Looks like it’s been multiple times translated from english to italian or something likes this.

Dear Flare, many players have different disconnections during war attacks. With the war rising like mortars and money spent on them for the duration of the war, budgets to attack and find skulls in the coffers is not at all nice to see then the disconnection. A bad war because of your server. I propose to give alliances the first place in the war and 500 buds for every player involved in the war. I hope the problem with your server will be resolved as soon as possible. thank you


do not duplicate topics

Sorry, but I had to rate this topic with 1-Star because of the proper observation by Abrada.  It’s hot news over on the “Bugs & Problems” section.  

Someone should pull our community manager out of bed or the bar and have her rip out a quick update for us.  


I’m not agree about your idea of compensation. I’d like a reimbursement of money spent this morning (in my case it’s almost 41€ to buy 7500 gems with small discount) or related to the whole community week (in my case I add other almost 110€ to buy an expensive “one time offer” with 3 Phoebe at the beginning of community week).