I’m so disappointed in the war leagues, my allaince is too good to go down too weak to go up, the matchmaking is ***** one week we are  wolves the next we are sheep for the wolves. The fights have gotten super boring, ( don’t spawn troops, run around kill the nyxs, spawn troops, kill the GK) a lot of the Perseus statues are easy to kill now so that challenge is gone. Blessings are stagnant and are just another thing I guess, like sure they help but they don’t matter,  Overall war is boring and I see players leaving every week. Like going inactive not allaince hopping. Allainces that lose people this way end up not able to afford blessings and end up losing appeal when compared to a fully boosted team, makes the catchup that much harder. also you end up not being able to purge the alliance of active donators when they won’t show up for war because you need the blessings to recruit. The games losing its appeal, at least to me, and also without releasing an update from the App Store the game looks dead and uncared for to new players, seeing that it’s last update was 6+ months ago. ).

Just wanted to share that some players are still unhappy with the direction your taking us. 

One could argue that getting your team pumped up to take a victory in your league would be an interesting new challenge. 

And then the next season get wrecked for 6 weeks. sounds fun …

Hi CB50,

Thanks for sharing your feedback. I will forward it to the devs.