Discontinuation of the Pro League on March 17

Has Flaregames really thought about this? It puts only the older alliances with existing celestial phoebe as the only viable alliances for further progression. It also greatly slows of halts the progression of newer alliances providing adequate protection in the form of celestial pheobe. It doesn’t make sense in terms of alliance balance and gameplay, when you think about it. The only real solution would be to reset the celestial beast levels, but that may cause a backlash in the older alliances. Sure you can get a small chance to get a random Pro League Pet in the higher level conquests and spend tons of alliance gold championing your way to Pro Chest in the Alliance war, but the cost is stupendous. You also will not receive the correct pet you want.

It sounds like they’ll be offered other ways, and they are finally looking into how the modes are actually working, which I see as a positive myself. Don’t stress the lack of a store tied to crystals just yet. Let them roll out whatever replaces it first, have a feeling there will be a few options, by request or plan.

PL wasn’t working well as a mode, or test of world strength/skill, so they made the decision to cut it. No mode, no crystals, and no store that takes them as a result. Will have to see the war stuff in effect to understand, but sounds like the other changes will have more benefits than hindrances. Ex: lower level alliances might get access to higher than normal pro boosts for events etc. for example.

As for Phoebe, the defense beasts Fritz, and Growl are generally used more in the higher ranks for the bonuses, and faster damage. I do think other ways will exist to get these pals though, and collecting any pal gets easier as you level your king and alliance in general. More members, better rewards kind of thing.

The only sort of con I see right away is max boosts tied to max alliance level for the 60-79 or so teams that were able to get max boosts with activity. I can’t really fault that kind thing though, because it’s how elite boosts have always worked. Elite boosts are higher with the alliance level, better boost every certain amount of levels, sometimes with an active time increase. However, the 40 or higher alliances might instead find they can get boosts they couldn’t normally count on when they need them.

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yes need to wait and see… no point stressing over it as the work is all done and we need to see whats implemented.


Well, what’s been implemented is a pay to play situation that’s more so than the Pro Event. Less skill, more money. But I am curious what’s going on with the levelling system in the event?

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