Discord chat integration

I know OR has struggled with the chat functionality.  Really there are a lot of missing basic features of the current implementation.  (No copy/paste, missing image support, @mentions, links, officer to alliance push notifications for call to arms , the list goes on)

Discord has an entirely well built and thought out API.  Perhaps for those alliances that would like this functionality, but to minimize effort on OR developers, has thought been put into perhaps some light integration with discord?  Many alliances already use Discord or other apps to fill the gap, but it’s a HUGE pain for syncing membership, OR rank -> discord role mapping, etc)

For alliances that do not wish to use Discord, then chat stays as is.

however, for alliances that use Discord, Here’s my suggestion for a simple implementation, not extending the current UI chat interface beyond what’s already supported:

  • An alliance general/founder can link to an already created discord “server” only
  • Allinace all chat maps to #general (default text channel)
  • Motto updates are a one way sync to a “pinned” message in #announce channel.  Pinned messages on Discord #annoucne are ignored does nothing in game.  This way an alliance can have multiple pinned messages.  #announce is also the push notification channel in Discord.
  • Council maps to a newly created #council channel (OR would have to insure this channel is created). Appropriate roles requirements would need to be assigned to this channel.
  • Text only is synced.  Attachments, images, etc are dropped or replaced with text representation for in-game chat. (Extra bonus points for tap to launch discord app or website)
  • For alliance members to join the discord, there would need to be some way to map OR player to discord profile, and auto-set in-game name to discord nickname.  Or perhaps these are auto generated?  (Not sure if the API supports non-registered users)  Or perhaps the user can read-only OR in-game messages and must join Discord and map user profile to post in-game.
  • OR rank maps to Roles - auto syncing.
  • Roles could me managed by the founder/general in discord directly. (Perhaps an online doc to explain the recommended settings for a role). Otherwise it’s uncofigured/default in Discord
  • Additionally, users when kicked from an OR alliance, would need to be kicked from Discord server.  (Or perhaps, assigned a “blind” role that gives no rights to any channel)

For OR, this will provide additional free exposure to the rest of the world.  Friends of discord users will be told when players are playing Olympus Rising, perhaps expanding player base!