Discounts & packages

Hi guys, I started only few weeks ago and I wanted to maximize my investment in this game.

I saw there are many differents offers, discounts and packages but I don’t know what is worth to buy.

Can someone write me all the packages and discounts in this game and how they work.

Are there calendars for those discounts, packages only over a certain level and info like that.

This way I can wait and buy only best and useful packages.

Best value: daily gems

Good value:

  • 3 worker package, if you have less than 5 workers)

  • beginner package (750 gems)

  • warrior package (500 gems) only really worth if you’re already lvl 100+ (preferably +115)


As for other packages, some are worth it if you’re able and want to spend money on the game, but it’s not a must to get a good account.

Hi thanks for your help. Money are not a problem as long as I enjoy the game.

I already knew about workers package but how much it cost? I’m playing with 4 workers now because an alliance member told me to wait for it.

I bought yet daily gems package because the prize was really low and I though it was perfect. I’m happy to know it was a good choice.

I bought a set of items (don’t really know the name in english) + 3k gems and 10 Pro tickets for 21 euro.

Wasn’t really sure about it but I needed some gems and that set basically duplicated my stats.

Now I’m level 62 and I think I won’t buy any item till level 80-90 becaue I think there wont be big changes like it was with this pack I bought. 


I think I’ll buy workers pack and beginner pack for third spell and troop.

What is the Hero pack?


Thanks again.


I think he means Warrior Package. You can see most of them here: 

By the way the offers cost money while the packages cost gems, and you only will see the packages when you don’t have enough gems to get them at once, that’s why people sometimes wait for this packages to appear before trying to pass some dungeons with gems rewards or before spending vouchers to buy gems. Doing that you can buy the package without the need of buying gems for money :).

Thanks for your answers. I though it wasn’t true that packages appear only when you don’t have gems for it. Honestly is a really sad choice by Flare.

Ill wait then and I’ll wait for gems dungeons too, thanks.