Discovering Changes In 3.9, And Questions

I’m creating a thread hoping we can keep all the 3.9 discoveries and questions in one place to make it easier for @GalaMorgane to find and answer, and for us to more easily help each other.

My first inclination is I love the speed-up of being able to collect all gold and food at one time, and also picking multiple items to melt at once. Very nice change.

The neat new function that I found involves the new ability to change wardrobes from the battle screen, which is awesome. It used to be if you saw what a perk did you had to check the spell (for instance) with the item on, then go back to the castle and change your wardrobe, then back to the battle screen and look again. Now it’s just a quick two step process to see how much things change. Of course, that got me to my first question! (I am sure there will be more)

My question relates to the tool tip on Black Magic perk on my gear. What is a “damage and morale pool”? It says, “Black Magic 8731.8 - Increases the Black Magic sell’s damage and morale pool by 12.”  However, the morale function increases by 4 points from 33 to 37, while the normal damage increases from 2,236 to 2,496.  How does “12” become 4 morale points and 260 normal damage points? 


Just a friendly warning already: near the start of a blacksmith event, if you melt items beforehand, do not use the “collect all”-button :-p

Second question – Regarding the “collect all” button, how does it collect bread?  If all the farms are full and you need 220 bread, is it all taken from one farm or is it spread out evenly across all four?

Pickle, I do believe it takes it from one random farm, perhaps the highest upgraded

It stick to one farm till all food has been collected. So it’s better to collect food manually. Not sure will it start from the highest level farm.

If true, that would be a real shame. It then becomes inefficient to use the “collect all” button. Perhaps they can adjust this

I hope they don’t forced me to update to the new version before fixing the bugs that come along with it. (look in the Bug and Problems section for more information)

I was really hoping the 1 button to collect stuff would also collect Pal Chests and Daily Reward chests, but it doesn’t.  Hopefully this is something they could add in a future update.

Now pal will be available to use in Pro league. 

What I’ve noticed so far is priority goes from left to right

my farm was collecting the bottom right, then bottom left, then top left, then top right :expressionless:

Visual bug is there while changing hero wardrobe on attack screen. Only thing affects the attack screen is if u have farmer perks in ur slots…well I changed from top gears to gold gear having farmer perks but it showed the same breads to attack which 220 . But it worked well. But yeah a visual bug.

When a farm is full, the windmills are going slower. What @Fourofjackssays is correct.

We can finally remove unwanted FB/inactive freinds now. 

Anyone else is getting this? It only shows when u click ur gems inside dungeon 

Yes, I have this warning too.

Same for me

It seems that there is a change for war seasons. Skulls from teams with less then 5 members don’t count any more, also those teams can’t declare war. So in fact they are dummy alliances in war season, unless they add members up to 5 again.


just wanted to mention regarding when using button to collect bread when excess amount in farm, you can easily test by moving over one of the farms, and clicking the collect all button. The amount of bread taken from the farm pops out the top just like it normally does when you collect bread.

So you can see / test it collects firstly from bottom right pretty easily, and then in the order I mentioned.

There were many more smaller changes in this update not yet mentioned here in the forum or shown in the showcase video. In general they are very much appreciated, most reflect wishes of the community which is very good. Thanks for that. Keep on including those things, there are still many important improvements missing.

I would suggest though to put all those changes in the Forum announcement message for a new version. This way it is much easier to see and discuss these changes and bugfixes. The App Store notes are sometimes easy to miss and might be late (as in case of iOS this time).

Maybe somebody can list or make a screenshot of all the changes mentioned there, unfortunatly I have only the german version available.